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not sure if this has been posted, but i've always thought this was hilarious.   
 The reason people are impressed with Tiger's showing isn't his score. It's because two months ago he was injured, his short game was as bad as mine, and he was missing cuts and carding 80's. A week ago we didn't think he was even going to play. Then he showed up to Augusta and ended up playing with the world #1 on Sunday and shooting 5 under par. Given the circumstances, I'd say it was a massive success. 
now sink the bird!! 
is he OB at 7? tracker says he's in the trees :o
he better putt that
anybody know tiger's final score on the par 3? 
kind of a crummy situation, sit through a rain delay to come back and play a soaked 18th hole. then double to lose your 60s bid lol.
Not going OB on any tee shots, hitting good shots inside 100 yds. Minimal 3 putts
44-42 86, +12. Awesome course, http://www.pleasantvalleyic.com/coursephotos/  Best score of my life so far and felt like I could improve a lot still. Driver was very inconsistent, but had some clutch drives towards the end. Closed out with 4 straight pars after being 6 over thru 5 on the back. 37 putts, 3 ob strokes... Nothing was too special except I hit my irons very well for personal standards and hit 8 GIRs. Last hole was a 370 yard par 4 with water hazard mid-right...
Usually wear one with my driver/irons but I don't think it makes a difference, rough on the hands if I play without one too frequently. Sometimes I'll take it off to putt and forget to put it back on for a few holes 
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