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kind of a crummy situation, sit through a rain delay to come back and play a soaked 18th hole. then double to lose your 60s bid lol.
Not going OB on any tee shots, hitting good shots inside 100 yds. Minimal 3 putts
44-42 86, +12. Awesome course, http://www.pleasantvalleyic.com/coursephotos/  Best score of my life so far and felt like I could improve a lot still. Driver was very inconsistent, but had some clutch drives towards the end. Closed out with 4 straight pars after being 6 over thru 5 on the back. 37 putts, 3 ob strokes... Nothing was too special except I hit my irons very well for personal standards and hit 8 GIRs. Last hole was a 370 yard par 4 with water hazard mid-right...
Usually wear one with my driver/irons but I don't think it makes a difference, rough on the hands if I play without one too frequently. Sometimes I'll take it off to putt and forget to put it back on for a few holes 
44/43 87 on par 71... 37 putts 7 Ob tee shots. Thought I finally had my driver figured out, didn't play for 5 days and it went shaky again. Can't sink a putt that's not a tap in lol. Was having a nice back 9 til I triple bogeyed par 3 #17 with no OB strokes... Been a while since I did that
Rory and Tiger flip scores, Rory shoots a 69 and Tiger shoots a 66. They share the lead. Nike is ecstatic
Yes, because.. he's Tiger Woods. I am a bit of a Tiger fanboy I suppose, but we've all seen the guy do absolutely incredible things before. Just a year ago he was winning tournaments frequently. Once he's healthy and shakes the rust off, he'll be winning again. I really doubt he'll be as dominant as he used to be, but I think he's still the best player in the world when he's healthy. Undisputably top 5. I feel like once he breaks the wall and gets one, the subsequent...
Tried to take some DTL vids by propping up my iPhone in my bag. First two swings are from last week, second two were this morning where I tried to incorporate Dufner/Hogan/etc. feel of dropping the club and tucking the right elbow on downswing. The last swing was one of the best drives I've ever hit. The two swings from last week were both push and the drive also had a slice to it. Basically just wondering if my swing plane looks correct or not. Realllly trying to fight...
Yeah, I decided to scrap this whole idea and keep working on fixing my faults with a 'regular' set up. A couple weeks ago I played the best round of my life by really focusing on key #2 and a 4th key video about hitting draws with the driver, and I realized I haven't exaggerated getting my weight forward since. At the range yesterday I noticed when I realllly get my weight forward it kind of forces an in-out path, and I was hitting pretty straight shots. I'm going to try...
Tried to play with this swing in mind today. Hit the range first, was shooting alright except for a slice with the driver. Went out on the course and it was awful. Lost distance, inconsistent ball striking, and ridiculously bad slices. Called it quits after 5 holes because I lost so many balls. Some other part of my mechanics must've fallen apart. I felt as if I was swinging a bit out to in, then maybe that I was actually swinging too far in to out, I don't know. 
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