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Nothing so far??? I know they are not top of the line, but I was hoping for an opinion from some experienced golfers
Does anyone have any thoughts or experiences on these clubs? I golf about once per week with a handicap of around 18. I like to use a 3 wood off the tee versus the driver as I seem to get more accuracy. Will the 1212 do the job? How about the speedline? Or is there another suggestion.   Thanks
I am a guy who has been a golfer all my life and play about once a week or so and have a handicap of around 18-20. I am playing with set of McGregor Irons from years ago and am looking for a new set, within my budget. I have been looking at the Wilson Staff Progressive Irons and have heard good things about them from a few people. The set includes the 3 and 4 hybrid and 5-pw on the irons. Someone also suggested the Adams TL 1012 irons, but I really can't find out much...
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