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So it turns out I already made this post AGES ago.....nerd :/
That 'rule' (i before e except after c) is actually incorrect to an extent that there are more exceptions to the rule than words that conform. It's now no longer taught in the British curriculum for Literacy for this reason :)
For sheer and pure beauty, Shailene Woodley (Hazel in TheFaultInOurStars):
Had one of those really nerve-wracking moments when I first started playing a few years ago. Got on the first tee, small crowd as the club team had tee'd off before us. I stepped up to the tee and proceeded to throw my driver about 15 yards, while the ball and tee remained untouched.....
I tend to look at the hole, then ball, then hole, then ball and finally I look at the break point. If it's a straight putt, I find I tend to look at a spot about 2/3rds toward the hole and (if close enough) I can often watch the putt go in (hopefully!) without moving my head. I tend to hole anything within 3ft, maybe 75% within 5ft and just under half my 10footers. Anything over that, I tend to struggle holing.
There are actually more exceptions to the 'I before E, except after C' rule than there are examples. Hence, it is no longer taught as part of the school curriculum in ENgland.
Just write them all down. A hacker is more likely to nick them from your computer (if you click 'please remember') than a burglar is to steal a sheet of paper in your bedside drawer.
Simply list your everyday grievances with like-minded others (hopefully with some funnies thrown in). My first major gripe: People who swing their arms too much when walking and you have to half-twerk behind them just to avoid getting punched in the nuts. Or worse, get cupped. 
Gay is from the times of Henry VIII. I'd bet homosexual is at most 100years old.Just looked it up and the first reference was from a German pamphlet in 1869.In fact THAT word was hijacked by the gay community as it originally meant anything with a single-gender context such as schools that only admit boys or only girls (we now use the English translation instead term - 'same-sex')
New Posts  All Forums: