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It looks to me that your swing path was down the target line, but the clubface was open at impact causing the ball to start to the right, with right spin.  
Please explain why you say this. What in your opinion make some one a team player?   IMO the only thing that would make some one a good team player would be one that tries his best to win every match. I think Tiger will try to win every match.
I voted for Tiger. I like Tiger's consistency, when he has a good tournament he will be in the top 5, when he has a bad tournament he will be in the top 20. When Rory has a good tournament he will also be in the top 5, when he has a bad tournament he misses the cut.  
What shocked me about this playoff, was that both of them was a club short of the pin 8 times in a row. As Erik said Creamer was hitting her tee shot with in 6 yards every time. I know long on this hole was big trouble, but I would think that they would figure out after coming up short every time (from the same distance) that they could hit one more club.  
  Everyone I see on the PGA tour tee's the ball up for a driver, 3 wood, hybrid, iron, or anything they hit off of a tee box. It seams to work well for them, so I do the same.
I started back playing last fall after 12 years off. I was having trouble hitting everything off the toe. I tried addresing the ball on the heal moving closer to the ball, and nothing worked. I finally figured out that I was putting to much weight on my toes at address, then during my backswing I would rock back onto my heels pulling me away from the ball. I started lifting my toes when I address the ball to make sure I was putting my weight on the balls of my feet and...
I have always thought that the hole is 4.25" because that size hole just will allow a ball to go in the hole with the flag stick in the cup. If the hole was 6" that would increase the gap between the flag stick and the edge of the hole from 1.875" (based on a 1/2" dia. flag stick) to 2.75" That is a huge increase, and I feel it would affect just as many (or more) shots from off the the green than it will putts. The number of hole-in-one's, hole out from fairway, green...
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