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I'm pretty long off the tee so i like to carry 4 wedges. i have my pw thru 60… 47, 52, 56 and 60. my thought process from 8 iron thru my 60 is that they are my approach clubs and I'm trying to keep my swing down to 3/4 maybe a little more but definitely not a full shot unless I'm trying to manipulate the flight of the ball. i can hit my pw 150 maybe more but i never like to swing that hard and its difficult to control the distance. only playing for a little over 2 years,...
play the ball back in your stance.. and farther back than you think you should. if youre right handed play it off ur right big toe. choke down on the club a bit this way you dont hit it fat and make your same swing. Im not entirely sure how much yardage if any you will get out of it i have never seen ur swing but it will flight the ball and make you more accurate regardless of how far you are hitting ur short irons. the way I see it is my 9-60 are scoring clubs and I...
my 5 wood is my favorite club to hit so theres my 2 cents 
you could get them tip stiff or have them hard stepped as well
i prefer the dynamic gold shafts but the kbs are nice too, very smooth on both of those. never tried the others
i highly recommend adams pro a12.. they are a players iron with a little bit of help. come with stock kbs tour 90 shaft and golf pride multicompound grips. the finish wears rather quickly but thats what happens with the dark finishes, however, they feel like butter off the face. if your consistently in the low-mid 80's, these could work very well for you and the shaft will probably be about perfect. they're not cavity back irons but theyre not blades either, still have a...
it doesn't matter to at all just saying thats a little ridiculous that someone owns almost everything you can see in golfsmith. Even if I had the money whats the point? One set of clubs doesn't play the same as another so why have 20 bags and 30 sets of driver, woods, irons, wedges to switch out? Just saying theres zero consistency in that and I can guarantee 95% of pros have never used anything close to that many sets of clubs.
Recently my dad gave me his old 1 iron and I need to get the shaft replaced.    Does anyone know if these are taper tip or parallel??
i dont understand how thats being a businessman when he's never gonna get rid of 90% of that crap and doesn't use over half of it. u call it a businessman, i call it saving my money.
i didn't vote for any of them.. I feel that when I visualize a shot and it flies with the same trajectory with a draw/fade/straight flight that I pictured in my head, I get full satisfaction. It doesn't happen as often as I'd like it to but that's what I truly love. Watching the guys on tv they make it look so easy and you know multiple multiple multiple times a round that they hit exactly what they visualized and it's almost like deja vu when I do it. 
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