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The tradeoff is already figured in the driver down to 5-wood. Thanks for the input.
I never said harder to use I said there is usually a transition period that most people won't work through. You may have shown some exceptions.How do we count how many tried and didn't have a success story? If it didn't at least seem to work better then nobody would be doing it. At the other extreme if it was an instant fix nobody would ever try it and go back.     Scott is still choking short putts. One of his friends said Adam doesn't putt better with the broomhandle...
I agree. I'm on that side. But I'm also wondering if some of the pro-ban arguments are even technically correct.
My experience is very much the opposite. EVERYBODY I've let stroke a few with my broomhandles has said 'I don't know how you can use that thing.' When I bought my first one I can still remember the sales girl saying "Good luck with this, we've all tried it and we stink'. You have to either be desperate enough or just like new challenges enough to work through a transition. Most of the stories I've heard about bellies are similar.   It's a lot more difficult to learn to...
Could you describe your method of using the belly putter? What's different than the short putter and what is the same?
Thanks.   I'm voting for Garrigus 'cause he plays with only 11 clubs!   I guess it's better to leave 3 out than throw in some TMs he doesn't really use.   btw,  I like TM just fine, I just laughed at the marketing decision there.  
Oh, another thing hat has been proposed here is that the hands must touch each other. That would take the 48" putter away from me altogether. There could be a scenario where I go from an un-anchored long putter to a short putter with my forearm anchored on my belly.  
That complies with Dave's proposed rule of club and hand to wrist can't touch body. Some people here have proposed that the forearm shouldn't touch the upper body either. I can even handle that but it sounds like you can't(yet). I think a forearm rule would create HUGE problems with judgement of legality and affect many strokes it wasn't meant to if applied objectively. If they go the other way and stick to a 'club cant touch body' only rule then the belly guys are dead...
thanks, are you vouching for the safety of ordering from that particular link?   I'm looking for a club to AVOID punching out!!!!!!   :)
22 wouldn't be enough club for me. 19 probably borderline. I'd prefer something that goes as far as my 19* 5-wood
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