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I've been playing the Redwood Anser for a while now and I love it. Won't be getting rid of it for years to come in sure
I was playing the Q Stars for a while, but I never could get the feel I wanted from them. Switched to the e6 late last season and am very happy with them now. Hopefully they continue to work for me
Tell me about your most unique cool golf gear. What do you carry in your bag that no one else has seen before? What gets the guys talking on the course when they see it? I'm looking for something new and fresh
I took it to my local PGA Tour Superstore and they installed the grip for $1... Not joking. It was ready in less than 10 minutes
I've been looking at posts on here about changing grips and how easy it is to do. I picked up a custom scotty Cameron grip, that I want to put on my putter, but I've never done it before. The grip wasn't cheap and getting a replacement isn't feasible, so I've only got 1 shot at this... I am handy enough to handle most projects, but like I said, I only have 1 shot at this. If I bring my grip into a golfsmith or other chain store, will they put it on for me? Or should I...
New Posts  All Forums: