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Its all about lag.  You can increase your distance by holding your wrist cock until it releases naturally. 
15 year olds at our local private courses get jobs caddying or assisting the starter.  The caddy job pays most, but you need to know what you are doing.
Good thread.  A USGA study showed that most 15 handicappers only hit the drive on average 215 yards.  Most people have an inflated sense of how far they hit the ball.  GPS doesn't lie (oh maybe by a couple of yards).
another possibility is that to avoid hitting the water, you are setting up for a fade/slice by aiming to far to the left of the water.  This could cause you to use an outside in swing that will impart fade spin on the ball.
I was playing in our club championship.  One of my playing partners put his ball in a hazard.  We went looking for the ball and I used the end of my club to move some heavy grass to get a view of what I thought was a ball.  Another players said that even if its another player, and you are helping him find the ball, you are not allowed to take another club into the hazard and use it to search-------he said it was a two shot penalty----Do you agree?
How still should your lower body be?  
Thanks so much.  I'll try your recommendations this week.  
I'm a 15 handicap golfer looking to go lower.  Unfortunately whenever I land in a green side bunker I lose a stroke or two.  I hit em long, I him em into the face of the bunker---in fact I can't pinpoint my problem to one thing.  I took a lesson where the instructor taught me the basics, and I have tried to practice but it doesn't seem to be helping. The funny thing is that all the rest of my short game is top-notch--in fact a 0 handicap player told me that I have the...
Thanks for all your input.  I'll let you know what ends up happening.  
Also, Mizuno doesn't make the either.  
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