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White Pines in Bensenville puts up a huge golf dome from November through Mid May.   Well heated, golf lessons offered, etc.
Give this place a shot. http://play18chicago.com/    The best golf courses near downtown are at Harborside.http://www.harborsideinternational.com/
I just returned from my 25th outing to northern Michigan.  This time around we played The Bear, Majestic/Tree Tops, Alpine/Boyne and Grandview in Kalkaska.    Majestic at Tree Tops was by far the prettiest golf course but it was also kind of unfair with fairways that funnel to ravines so deep that you can't play your ball.  Greens are tricky because you have the influence of the hills so that downhill looking putt may actually be an uphiller.   The Alpine at...
New Posts  All Forums: