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I've been toying with the 10 finger grip because I've some arthritis going on in my hands and I seem to be losing my grip pressure in the last 3 fingers of the left (lead) hand during the swing. Anybody else have the same problem and, if so, did the 10 finger grip help? Thinking about also getting smaller grips.
is Jack looking at the ball from the corner of his eye (I think he's left eye dominant) or behind the ball? I have a tendency to let my head/eye-line shift forward when my lower body shifts left. This past week in the middle of a round, I started to focus my eyes on a spot/area 2-3"'s behind the ball and my ball striking improved immediately. I tend to play the ball a little forward in my stance.  I thought I might start hitting some fat shots but that was not the case. By...
I saw a Pete Cowen video recently in which he was advocating something very similar.
I'm glad someone bumped this thread. I've been struggling with my arms collapsing at/through impact and getting no extension. I think it's because I've been letting my upper body move forward with the lower body in the DS (so there's no room for my arms) but am not sure. Anybody have a similar problem? I don't like the idea of rolling my wrists through impact although I can see where it might help achieving extension. Thoughts on that?     Thanks
There's a lengthy thread on another site that talks about "opposing hands". As I understand it, it's the feeling of your right hand turning clockwise and the left hand turning counter clockwise (for a RH golfer)......so the hands are working against each other.  Does anyone understand what it's supposed to accomplish?   Thanks
Eric, How important is it to keep the head and upper torso back when the hips slide forward or is some forward movement of the head and upper torso acceptable? Doesn't MORAD recommend stacked COG's through impact?   Thanks
Thanks Tom. I struggle keeping my width on the back swing allowing the left arm to collapse and am currently working on keeping the right arm straighter longer to prevent the left arm from collapsing but it does add some unwanted tension to the backswing. Is this something that you've had an issue with?
For the past month, I've been experiencing this nightmare of alternatively snap hooking a drive and then hitting a major push on the next drive. I assume it's the anxiety of hitting another snap hook that causes me to over correct and hit the block but I can't seem to figure it out. I tend to take the club inside on my backswing quite a bit. Any suggestions on a fix greatly appreciated.
iacis, Can you clarify what you mean by "lining up" the shaft? Is this the same concept that Manzella is advocating in his Ideas About The Release.........well timed release.......rapidly moving the left wrist to a cupped position through impact interval?
Not sure if my link to Martin Chuck video from Revolution Golf can be opened. Let me know if it can't.
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