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I'm in Mike
It's not that bad. Have you ever tried to get through Lee Comeux's (sp?) posts?
I was a lead arm "swinger" for most of my golfing life (I'm right handed and play right handed). Around five years ago, I started experimenting with a right arm "hitting" action (in part because I spend so much damn time reading instruction on-line). HC went up about 5-6 strokes. I'm now back to a lead arm dominate swinging action and my game is getting back to what it was before. I sometimes add a little hitting action late in the DS but generally it doesn't work for me....
Classic post..... Can't wait for replies
What is this supposed to be? I assume Part 1 is simply P1 to P10?
CQ with Rotary Golf promotes a right scapula move to start the BS also. I agree, the thought helps you to stay centered.
Watson was referring to the BS. He went on to say that once his weight shifted left he hit as hard as he could with the right hand. I believe he said Nicklaus shared the same thought.
That's John ("Lag") Erickson of ABS fame.
Right shoulder tipping back? Mike, are you saying tipping back too soon or back and not enough out toward the ball? Secondary tilt results in some 'tipping back" doesn't it?
  My experience is that I really have to be conscious of maintaining your pressure points or the wrists will dump early.
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