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Thanks I always thought the lie was incorrect 2 degrees upright
Nice explanation! when i get tired i slice the ball and hit the ball towards the toe of my club on the woods. On the irons the divot is deeper at the toe.
Is there a difference in the weights SC uses for their putters? I have a 2014 SC squareback and I would like to change the 10g weights to 15g or 20g weights? I do not mind if they are aftermarket as long as they fit. Any recommendations?
My 3 fingers on my left hand hurt after I play if I use the standard size grip and a bit with the midsize. I bought initially lamkin oversize grips and my fingers don't hurt but I could feel the weight of those grips. Now I switched to the Winn Dri-Tac Wrap Lite and what a difference, I like it!
I have a Callaway FTi driver with the Fujikura Speeder shaft which has a tip diameter of 0.35 now I also have a Taylormade R9 which has a different shaft with a tip diameter of 0.335. Is it possible for me to buy an 0.35 FCT and be able to have somebody transfer the shaft from my Callaway to my  Taylormade R9? Does it make sense or should I just buy a shaft for my R9?   Thanks,
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