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Congrats to Bubba, but not really feelin his whole attitude. Tried to market himself as a good ol boy/happy Gilmore type, but his actions are just the opposite. Seems like a high maintenance spoiled country club kid. Not saying that is who he is, just the way he is projecting himself right now.   What's up with his wife too? She looks like a post op tranny. For a millionaire professional athlete he didn't set the bar too high in the looks aspect.
Golf does need to make some changes to attract youth, but the entire premise of why many avid golfers love the game is what keeps the audience shrinking. The challenge and continued work that leads to improvement. Its not like a videogame where you can significantly improve over a week of constant playing.   I am 23 and a part of the videogame/instant gratification generation and I understand these trends, but to neuder Golf like that would ruin the game. Even the idea...
Beat the shit out of him with your club. Then urinate on him when he is on the ground in pain.   Then approach the tee and hit your driver with confidence.
Tiger. Really the only golfer that got me excited to watch growing up and was/is must see TV. The rest of the players on tour are just guys.
Possibly the greatest golf gif ever. Lmao
Im 5 and drive the ball 450 yards, is that normal? Am I god?
 Right it was 24-24 not 27-27.  When Manuel came out CLE started stacking the box. We didn't get ANYTHING off the running game as soon as Tuel came in because there was no threat for the pass. At least CLE had to sort of respect Manuel's passing ability. They were driving the ball downfield with Manuel, running effectively. Tuel presented absolutely no threat. 6 drives and you don't think they could have scored any points? Not buying it.
After the score was tied 27 to 27 and Tuel was playing, the bills had 6 drives totaling 2 first downs and 1 pick 6. The browns scored 6 points during this time before the pick 6 to end it. You are telling me the bills with ej manuel couldn't have gotten 6 points in 6 drives? Not buying it. Also you can't compare the backups. Weeden played all of last year and started the first two games of the year for you. The only reason he went out is because he got hurt. Tuel has never...
Put timers in the carts so if you have not completed your round within 3 hours your cart automatically drives itself back to the club house with your clubs thus ending your round. Problem solved.   End the horrific conversations on the tee/green about your job/health/family/other topics no one in your group cares about and hit the ball.
Hitting full wedge shots and spinning them back towards the hole. So awesome. I have done it a few times, but had no idea how I did it.
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