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I have played 4 rounds in my new Asics now and if you do not have a really wide foot I highly recommend them. They are like having a pair of tennis shoes on and they have great grip. I am glad I went with them over the Adidas and I have to say I like them better than my Foot Joy Contours also. Just because the Contours are a little wider. Asics Gel Linksmaster I would defiantly recommend them.
Well thanks for the replies. But I settled on a pair of Asics Gel Linksmaster. I will let you know how they do.
Come on now nobody has tried the Asics Linsmaster shoes? Just would like to know how they hold up? Herd bad things about the Adidas Powerband that soles come loose. So i thought I would see what people thought about the Asics.
Does anybody have any feedback to give on these shoes? I really like the looks of them and I have owned a lot of the Asics running shoes in the past and still have one pair. I'm just curious on how do the hold up and how is there grip? Thanks ahead of time for the information.
I am not planning a trip to go play there. I was just trying to find out if my buddy was pulling my leg. He went there for vacation in july. lol
He insinuated they were dressed more like my avatar photo
Interesting but my buddy acted like they were dressed less than that. But, like I said he was probably pulling my leg. lol
Has anybody ever been to Las Vegas to a course that has woman as caddy's and they are dressed revealing if you know what I am getting at? A buddy of mine was telling me about it and I was just wondering if he was pulling my leg.
Looking for good ideas. Other than the necissary golf accessories (tees, balls, divot tool, towel, glove) what do you carry in your golf bag?
I currently have 2 Taylormade Burner High Launch hybrids. I am thinking about changing to the Burner 2.0 hybrids. But, I do not know if there is that much of a difference in them. Is it worth the investment to make the change mainly because they are the newer model? Opinions would be helpful. thanks
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