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Swing looks real nice man keep it up. I struggle with keeping my back swing short enough and one tip I read on here was to feel like you are keeping your right arm straight during your backswing. It won't actually stay straight of course. Good luck.  
Hey Beachcomber, thanks for the reply. You are right on the mark. Extension and feeling like I'm expanding my chest during my backswing was what James covered 2 videos ago. I can see what you mean about being under plane at A4. Will focus on improving that issue. Can't wait till I really get the backswing locked down.   Thanks again bro! Hope your swing changes are going well.
Ahh okay I didn't realize you meant the tilting. That's a good question and I'm not sure. Hopefully someone will come along and give us an answer. 
Wow I'm jealous!  The courses I frequent these days are pretty blue collar, so I only ever find top flights :(   I used to do tree work at some private courses in New England and it was ridiculous.  Walk five feet into the woods and you'd find prov's left and right. 
Swing update!   Still working with James on evolvr, which has been awesome. Lately he has me focusing on sequencing, specifically holding my hips off until I get to P6 and then firing with everything. This has really helped. Right heel isn't lifting up nearly as much, hitting less pulls.  Hoping this unusually warm winter weather keeps up! Thanks for looking.   
Hey man def kind of dark, but looks to me like you are making some great improvements!   Here is a great thread about the heading dipping:   http://thesandtrap.com/t/41932/ground-reactive-forces-and-jumping-for-power   From what I understand it's not something to worry about.  
Thanks for uploading the vids. Really helpful to see the swings of you guys that know what you're doing. 
His most recent blog comment mentions that he is just realizing that he flips at impact. Really? Seems like something he should already be aware of with all his coaching and practice.    Someone needs to tell him about evolvr     I wish he would upload a nice slow mo dtl and caddy view swing video every few weeks. I'd be interested in watching his swing improvements over time. 
One thing I notice is your hands could go deeper in your backswing. That will help to reduce your slice. Here is a really good thread on it:   http://thesandtrap.com/t/30325/deep-hands-explained   Good luck!
Congrats man! I know how exciting it is, I felt the same way when I started to be able to hit the draw consistently. (Which was pretty recently :D)   Now you get to worry about it not turning into a hook! At least that's been what I have to watch for.  Especially with my hybrid. But man stepping up to the tee and not worrying about push slicing it OB is a thing of beauty.  
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