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Guess I'll jump on this resurrected thread too! Sergio Garcia Ian Poulter And for some odd reason I just don't root for Kaymer either, even though he seems like a nice guy.  Don't ask.....I don't get it either  
which is exactly why I'm so interested. Golfshot is nice but it really knocks my focus off so I've decided to quit using the club tracker.
98 @ Riverbend Links in Tunica. Driving was horiffic. Usually I'm straight off the tee with terrible putting. Not this time. Average 2 putts a hole with 36 putts total...I'm happy with that at least. Also should add it was windiest conditions I've ever played with storms brewing in the distance.
Can't wait to hear your results. My buddy text me the link to these early this week and now I really think I want one. Much easier than messing with.these phone apps during my round it would seem.
Thank you for that info! I actually bought some x2 hots and played them and seemed what I was looking for.... Even though my game was totally off that day, they still felt similar. So thanks for clarifying it!
I'm just trying to find out what replaced the Callaway HX Hot ball.  Seems they came out around 2006/2007.  I contacted Callaway but no reply yet so I though someone here might be in the know.  Played an entire round recently with one I found in my bag.  Despite the cover being a bit eaten up by the end of 18, it was the most feel and control I've had with a golf ball.  I'd like to play Sunday with whatever is its equivalent. Thanks
StrikerGolf! Ok, so honestly I'm the guy he is talking about with the android, but it does seem like StrikerGolf could be what we were looking for and I'd like to throw it out there that it exists.  May be what someone else is looking for too.  It looks to be a one time $20 fee to track stats, I'm ok with that.  We're going to try it out sunday and see how it goes.
I was B-fit for Bridgestone E6 golf balls. Hideki Matsuyama -13 Ben Crane -12 Boo Weekley -12
I want to win a Callaway Big Bertha driver!   Hideki Matsuyama  -12 Jason Dufner -12 Boo Weekley -11
100 @ Tunica National. First time there and used new irons (took plastic off in parking lot). Putting as usual was my killer. Other than that happy with the rest of my game.
New Posts  All Forums: