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I really have some sort of dislike for Ian Poulter. He just irritates me.
Played the very beautiful Oaks Course at Dancing Rabbit in Philadelphia, MS this morning.  Holy cow is that course an awesome looking course.  But it turned out to be quite a hellish day.  White Tees 69.7/129 Score: 105 The whole course was the most amazing playing course I've ever been on.....until we got to the greens.  They had been punched and covered in sand and it was TERRIBLE!!  How can a course charge full price for playing on greens that are completely...
Thank you very much! and might I add GO PHIL!   I love watching that man play golf.
Hey, just thought I'd point out Wilson 50 Elites come in a very similar color,  I've starting hitting these due to the price difference between them and e6's.  I've loved them so far and don't shed a tear over getting one scuffed up at 13 bucks for a dozen.  Just a thought...
Played River Bend Links in Tunica today from the white tees 69.1/113   Shot a 99 which I'm happy with being that its only the 3rd time I've ever broke 100.  All 3 times have actually been out of my last 4 games so  I'm feeling better about my game.  Being that I'm running off about 11 hours of sleep in the last 3 nights due to the baby I was actually expecting a lot worse.
Phil Mickelson -7 Sergio Garcia -8
1. Mountains of E Tennessee/W North Carolina 2. Panama city beach 3. Ski trips to Colorado It would probably be all mountain trips if it weren't for my wife. I don't get too hyped up for beach trips.
Unfortunately I used to play with a pathological liar four or five years ago.  This was before I took golf too seriously and I mainly went out to enjoy a few beers and find a few lost balls while searching for mine (luckily we don't have busy courses).  Anyways, I still knew a little bit of the rules and could not stoop to the levels that he did.  Of course you pretty much had unlimited mulligans in his eyes, the foot-wedge was one of his most popular clubs (unless he...
Shuttle Driver at UPS
I bought the hank haney monster golf net on a whim. Excited til I got home and read reviews on how much a piece of junk it supposedly is. It will be going back. Unopened. Oh and got some yellow Wilson 50 elites too
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