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I was B-Fit for Bridgestone E6 golf balls!   1. Louis Oosthuizen -16 2. Ernie Els -15 3. John Senden -15
Zero,  have never even tried them on before.  I loved the fit of my adidas sneakers, so recently went with them on golf shoes and have not been disappointed.  I'm not for the "classic" golf shoe look.  But noticed true links did have some decent looking, more sneaker type shoes.  May have to try some next go round.
My buddy and I are quite competitive.  We constantly talk, and even trash-talk each other (good friends can do that) up to the point someone really starts screwing up, then out of respect I've noticed both of us quiet up quite a bit or take the convo's to different subjects.  Now if we're playing with others we don't know so well it's definately a bit different.  A little less talking out of respect for the others. However if it was total silence it would just feel weird...
I want outrageous speed with a Callaway XR Driver!   Jason Day  -10 Sangmoon Bae  -10 Harris English -10
I'm guilty of laughing pretty hard at this...
Wilson Harmonized mallet style putter. Why? I was on a budget. But I'm not getting rid of it. Averaging right under 2 putts the last four games I'm extremely happy. For me that is good and its let me break into the 80's twice now.
Ben Crane. Just seems like a super nice guy. Not a big crowd around him after his St Jude win, but he was pretty funny and laid back in person it seems.
Guess I'll jump on this resurrected thread too! Sergio Garcia Ian Poulter And for some odd reason I just don't root for Kaymer either, even though he seems like a nice guy.  Don't ask.....I don't get it either  
which is exactly why I'm so interested. Golfshot is nice but it really knocks my focus off so I've decided to quit using the club tracker.
98 @ Riverbend Links in Tunica. Driving was horiffic. Usually I'm straight off the tee with terrible putting. Not this time. Average 2 putts a hole with 36 putts total...I'm happy with that at least. Also should add it was windiest conditions I've ever played with storms brewing in the distance.
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