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Played A Cliffs course here in SC.....Keowee Springs very wet cartpath only 6600 yards ...71.7 - 137  I shot a 94 with 1 triple bogey and 4 double bogies I did have 2 pars Not a bad day for a 2nd year golfer
Driver........245-260 3 wood 225-240 3 hybrid 220 4 hybrid 205 5I 195 6I 180 7I 165 8I 150 9I 135 PW 120 GW 90 SW 65 Huge Improvement since October........ I did these this morning on the range with very old, cut, dead balls.
I agree I play only one brand of ball.....Wilson Titanium. I started with a one brand only and highly improved my "feel" around the greens.
TY for the support ............beleive it or not I play a 9 hole course near my home and have scored pretty good. Even with the distances so short I know my distance and when I hit some what straight I scored as low as +6 on 9 holes. It's a short course with number 1 being a 240yd par 4 and the longest a 420 par 5 I'm happy playing short and in the fairway......lol 
Driver 210  18*170 21*160 24*150 5 145 6 130 7 120 8 100 9 85 PW 70 GW 60 SW 50 Pretty bad but the honest truth................lol Still trying and improving.
Had my driver 3 and 5 cut 1 inch yesterday.......................no time to go to the range until this afternoon........... But I stepped into my yard and hit all 3 ,4 times straight and sweet no draw no slice, just pure flight as all 12 balls dissappeared into the woods at around 150 yards!!! No warm up just tee up and hit not bad for a guy who has been playing 2 months....... much rather play from the fairway after a 250 drive rather than seeking a 300 yd slice.
I just recently picked up my old clubs and then bought new ones after 8 years off. I have been to the range alot and played none in a effort to build a nice swing and solid game. I have a tee time Saturday to play my first round in 8 years and I am very nervous....... Any advice???
New golfer form SC. Love the challenge of the game also enjoy reading the trap!
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