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The whole premis of the question is wrong simply due to the large number of variables that comes with our beautiful game. Golf isn't as black and white as the question makes it out to be and takes no consideration of something as basic as players handicap and skill level. Mailman
High handicappers do spray and pray with every club in their bag though so I'd rather be in trouble a long way up than in trouble a long way back! Mailman
It's par for the course really. My course is a mixture of parkland, woodland and links styles so it has some open holes BUT the par 5's and a lot of the par 4's in the woodland section are very tight. I have the worked hard over the winter to get the distance to hit fairways a long way up with my hybrid or even my 4 iron and even on the tight fairways it means my second shot is going to be an 8 or at worst a 7 iron which I far prefer to use than trying to go at a green a...
This!!!!I had 6 LONG drives today where my next shot was an 8 or 9 iron in to the green, with a few of those drives from the rough.5 of those were GIR with the 6th a (n)GIR but each one of those were realistic birdie chances!My playing partners on the other hand were 60 or 70 yards behind trying to hit GIR from 200 yards with hybrids or woods from fairways but never converted those shots in to pars or even bogies!RegardsMailman
Thanks lads. I've played a couple rounds after going back to the basics with my instructor (breaking my swing down and then putting it back together!). The result again is like night and day. Apart from one right angled shank on one of our par threes that I still managed to get up and down for a 4 net 3 I haven't looked back. In fact to underline the progress I've made, in my knock out match play round on Thursday afternoon I was one down going in to a particularly...
Thank you boogielicious, my instructor gave me a simple drill to fall back on in the event of a relapse and it works a treat to help ingrain the proper swing if things go to pot again! :) Regards Mailman
Thank you everyone who replied to my cry fir help! :) In fact pretty much everything you all mention I was doing! I did go see my pro and he had me take a few swings and immediately saw all the issues! He mentioned that pretty much everything was from my head because I was so nervous with chipping which was then feeding in to my posture, set up, swing path And so on! However after 5 minutes my shanks had been cured! It was such a relief to finally start getting shots...
ARRRRHGGGGGGGHHHG!!!!! This is frustrating! In the last month I've developed a real shank problem BUT it's only happening with my wedges!?!??? Every other club is fine (relative of course to all the other swing faults I have!:) but as soon as I pull out my 48, 54 or 60 wedge my game just goes completely to crap!!! Are there any good drills to help fix this because it's just killing me!!! Thanks Mailman
It all depends on what I'm doing. If I'm playing a social round with the lads then I'll just hop on the putting green (mainly to take the p1ss out of the lads as they miss putts:) and then walk straight on to the first tee. On the other hand if it's a big tournament or a knock out match then I'll spend time on the range getting warmed up and stretching muscle groups etc so that I don't hit the first tee cold! Regards Mailman
Played in my clubs summer knock out comp and did well over all. Had a streak of 7 pars in a row to go 5 up with 6 holes to play. Then the great collapse came and We walked off the 17th all squared! Big drive up the guts on the 18th BUT struck too well with the ball ending up right on the edge of a bunker! My opposition was in a better position just in the first cut short if the fairway. My next shot went through the green but was just off it in the first cut while my...
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