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As a recent new member (joined my first ever club March 2013) I played my first rounds pretty much by myself and had a few lessons before jumping in to my first competition which was a stableford comp. The very next comp I entered was a medal and this was a complete shock to the system! I look back on that round now and am just grateful at how patient the other three were that day! I think there is merit in seeking some kind of "professional" assistance before being...
There is a YouTube video of the thing in action...it does look promising! Regards Mailman
Perhaps the reason there weren't enough black kids is simply because bugger all black kids play golf? It's funny that some people see kids having a chance to play somewhere they will never get to play again while others only see the colour of the kids skin. Mailman
Why is everyone so caught up in what others say? I couldn't give a rats arse if someone reckons they can reach out to 200 with a 64 degree wedge...it just has no bearing on my game what so ever especially as I average about 360 yards with my driver! :) Regards Mailman
I was playing golf last week in London and one of the chaps in our group had his grandchildrens names stencilled in to his bag. I asked him how he did that and he said he just took his bag down to a local printers and they put the names on the bag for him.    The printing looked really good and even after a year of playing regularly, he was saying, the writing was still as clear as the day he got it back from the printers.   So there you go...take your cart bag to your...
I've got the V1 three and five woods and tour 3 hybrid and absolutely love them. Easily getting 30-50 yards extra distance when compared to my starter Wilson set. I also got all three clubs off eBay with the hybrid coming from direct golf for £30! When it arrived it quite clearly had never been used! :) Anyway I like the clubs and swear by them. They are better than the clubs they replaced and I paid not a lot for each of them. Even with my high handicap I find the clubs...
87 today in very wet and heavy conditions thanks to the monsoon type rain that came through on Friday night!   Front 9: 45 - 3 pars, 4 bogeys, 2 double bogeys. 9x2 putts. Back 9: 42 - 3 pars, 5 bogeys, 1 double bogey. 9x2 putts.     The last three rounds of golf I've played have all been in the 80's. I think the main reason for that is that after those 54 holes I have had only two 3 putts! Previously I was leaking anywhere up to 6 three putts per round  as well as...
Now THAT is a green alright! :)   Regards   Mailman
Actually do it for your young fulla...I would bet he would absolutely love a bag with his name on it. Regards Mailman
I drop a coin down, walk 10 feet back and then practice trying to get a ball to either roll over the coin OR to stop near it. What helps is that the lounge floor has breaks in it so its not a truly flat surface so adds a little extra to the practice. Consequently my putting over the last month has improved immensely.   Regards   Mailman
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