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I have a G3 and love it. I friend I play with regularly has the S3 watch and while it's a great piece of kit it doesn't give him as much useful info as my G3 :) Regards Mailman
Played in a foursomes competition today. Foursomes is probably my least favourite format but today I surprised myself by just how well I played :) My partner didn't get a chance to putt in the first 6 holes as I either holed out or saved our par with pretty good one putts! Then there was the general iron play, which was probably some of the best ball striking I've ever had! Then there was the ball striking off the tee! I've found that I can leave the driver in the bag...
I'm hopeing below 14 in a year's time. My golf this year has improved significantly and I've dropped 5 shots this year so far. The problem I have is I'm running out of individual competitions before we move to non-qualifier yellows next month for the winter. In fact I think there are only 2 individual competitions left this year and for one of them I'm away running in a 10 mile race that day! But hopefully this time next year I'll be under 15 with a bit of hard...
The wife can't complain too much. She bought me a 3 month subscription to play golf at a local course so it's actually her fault I'm addicted to golf ;) I guess I'm somewhat fortunate as I can play golf when I want as long as it doesn't clash with anything for the family. I could play Saturday and Sunday (and have in the past) but realise that's not fair on her as she is lumped with looking after the child while I head down to the course an hour before the round to warm...
Quick question for you fulla but are you a member anywhere?   Regards   Mailman
Had probably the ugliest round for a while but somehow managed to get away with an 87! 45 out and 42 in! 1 birdie, 6 pars, 5 bogies and 6 doubles! God there was some ugly golf, starting with 3 doubles, a bogey, birdie and double! On the positive side I was playing off 14 today and pared all 4 holes I didn't get shots on! Apart from that not a lot to really be too enthused about! Regards Mailman
Had a pretty good round on Thursday. 46 on the front nine which was quite a struggle with 3 doubles, 3 bogeys and somehow 3 pars!?!? However it was the back nine where my game finally came to life! I had a two over gross 37!!!! 7 of 9 GIR's! 1 birdie, 5 pars and 3 bogeys for my first ever sub 40 nine! That gave me a total of 83 :) Regards Mailman
Thats a great result fulla. Coincidence it happened just after a gym session?    Regards   Mailman
Well done mate! If that doesn't help you with your motivation I don't know what will??? :) Just a word on your fitness motivation...mate...just get your arse in to the gym! It's an ugly spiral, you play bad and you don't feel like hitting the gym. You don't hit the gym and you feel sh1t! The only fix to getting out of your mind funk is to just get up and go smash a gym session so you can get that post work out hi! I guarantee you that once you are on that hi EVERYTHING...
Well then it's accurate as you didn't have any sand saves :) Regards Mailman
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