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Neh mind...Im sure the geezer will get over being called out...eventually :)   Regards   Mailman
They are in front mate...probably the safest place to be when around amateur golfers :)   Regards   Mailman
No pictures BUT on the SI2 Par 4 17th at my club the tee is well back and surrounded by trees and water and about 230-260 yards up on a very narrow fairway is a right angled dog leg right which has water on the left hand side. Anyways I connected beautifully with my drive this one day, straight as an arrow right down the centre line of the fairway BUT just as the ball started its descent it start to veer ever so elegantly to the left TOWARDS the water...then proceeded to...
Ive just checked with the ProV1's I have at home and the dimple pattern looks the same. Maybe you got the blind NXT Tours sent to you aye? ;) Regards Mailman
I have a couple New DT solos in my bag at the club so will compare them tomorrow and will let you know. The stamping looks exactly the same A the op's balls on the first page . Regards Mailman
I wasn't planning on getting out to the course until next weekend BUT I've just been provided the motivation, courtesy of Team Titleist, to get out sooner to give these puppies a right royal seeing to! :) Regards Mailman
Thank you @mvmac, more food for thought and more stuff to keep working on.   Although to be honest the whole shifting the weight forward and driving in to the ball is hard work at the moment! Its one thing to hit all the right positions when swinging through with the club in slow motion but quite another to pull it altogether in an actually swing!   Regards   Mailman
This has helped me immensely with keeping my head still through the swing.What I found was the head and upper body swaying was a result of my club path. As I was swinging the club around my body the sway would come with the path.Stopping swinging around my body meant changing the path of my club on the backswing and a simple excecise to help was to take my normal backswing with my backside against a wall. If I didn't hit the wall then I wasn't swinging around my body. The...
That's what I envision every time I'm in a bunke. Sadly Real Life (tm) seems to always have other ideas! :) Regards Mailman
  Ive updated the video with footage from down the line.   Regards   Mailman
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