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Quick update for you all.   Since reading the advice above from amaxc and Draftstone Ive been practicing with different grips and opening the face etc and have to say this is filled in the 40 yard gap in my bag beautifully! :) Just by altering the grip position has opened up a whole new world of club distances with a full swing!    Man I love this game! :)   Regards   Mailman
Yesterday I finally broke 90 for the first time in a club competition! :) The front 9 was scratchy BUT left me even par for my 24hcp (47) with 3 pars, 2 bogey, 3 double bogeys and one triple bogey and 15 putts. At this point I was thinking to myself that I'd actually be very happy with a 47 on the back 9 because the back 9 at my club is notorious for its difficulty! However I pulled out the best back 9 of my golfing career so far with 1 birdie, 5 pars, 1 bogey, 1 double...
He didn't even get a glove for getting hit by a ball! :) Regards Mailman
  Played probably the best tee to green on the 18th of my club EVER today. In todays competition the final hole was also a closest to the pin in two competition which I absolutely killed! The photo above doesn't really do justice to the whole because the area down red line is now full of mature trees and Ive put so many tee shots in to the garden centre and also pulled out so many power slices out of bounds right or hooked so many balls in to the water down the left...
I love the Pro v1 BUT never buy them new. I just get them off e bay where my price point is 50p a ball. While I don't get mint ones and settle for A and B grade golf balls even the B grade ones will stop and hold greens like no tomorrow.   Hell...I played last night with some very old and battered practice pro v1's I got off e bay for next to nothing and had absolutely no problems getting them to stop on the greens PLUS when I pull out the power slice I don feel so bad...
The thing with leaders is that they need to be seen by "their people" to be leading and setting an example. He might not be accomplishing anything but that isn't the point. With Barry I just don't get the feeling that he wants to be a leader, nor do I believe he is actually capable if being a leader or doing anything other than fund raising. The world needs a strong American President but sadly, for all of us, we have the worst possible guy in the wrong job at the wrong...
Cheers mmoan for the feed back. The shifting weight forward thing is something I've been working on so I'll keep that in mind when I pop down to the driving range before the weekend. Regards Mailman
Cheers club rat. You learn something new every day hey :) Regards Mailman
Thanks Saturday and Dave, I really appreciate your comments :) Regards Mailman
Hi guys, That is some fantastic advice about changing distances with grip positioning! I have been popping out to the driving range at my club to practice this and it does seem to produce the desired result of filling that 30 to 40 yard gap! So I'm out this Saturday in one of my clubs regular comps and will no doubt get a chance to give this technique a good going over. I'll report back in due course. Regards Mailman
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