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Yes, nearly 32kg over the last 12 months. But this is the thing that frustrates me about Dan. Video footage is probably one of the easiest things to do these days but its few and far between AND I really want to see what kind of progress he is making through his experiment. Regards Mailman
I'm a 22 handicapper with zero chance of getting anywhere close to any kind of tour BUT I have literally hundreds of hours of video of my swing on the range and golf course and see it as a valuable part of learning this damned infernal game! :)This is also what I find slightly frustrating about this guy, the lack of video footage of his practice or game time.I'd love to see what progress he has made from the first videos I saw of him playing in a tournament from ages ago...
Thanks Lihu. Be interesting to see if he has a "pretty" range swing and then a completely different golf course swing? :)   Regards   Mailman
Anyone know where he posts videos these days? The ones on his website are really old. Regards Mailman
Florida would be your best bet eh? But of Sun and a ton of courses to choose from that aren't under 10 foot of water or 6 feet of snow :) Regards Scott
I think Dans biggest problem is a lack of athleticism. What would be interesting is finding out if he is good at anything outside of golf? Stay with me here lads :) when you watch shows like X Factor or America Has Talent you can always tell people who are going to be good singers etc by whether they excel at stuff other than what they are on the show for. Same for sports, the truly talented sportsmen and women are "generally" very good at other sports as well (for...
for the life of me I cant find that thread...EVEN after using the search function! Anyone remember who it was that did that awesome trip with their dad just recently? Was it Pinehurst? Anyway, the reson I ask is that I am very keen on getting a week of golf in America April/May time just before our new season kicks off here in the UK. Then I thought to myself why not spend a week at a golf clinic...then I got doubly thinky and thought why not spend a week at the golf...
As always Mike I am in your debt. Thank you so much for the time you have taken for providing your feed back.   Regards   Mailman
Righto then...latest swing update HOPEFULLY this time with more "more please"...being outward pointing feet as per mvmacs latest coaching article Must keep working on keeping the head still too. Tell you what though...the change in stance has made staying in balance through the follow through seemingly much easier. Regards Mailman
Madolive, Sadly looking for useful insight in to situations like this on this forum is similar to a fat chick going to a smarties factory to shed 20 or 30 kilos. You just aren't going to get any useful support! :) There are lots of woulda, coulda,coulda, shouldas in situations like this but the best shoulda you have just learnt is to keep stuff like this to yourself and your closest friends because as you have already seen more a few here have completely ignored the...
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