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Congratulations mate. Well done :) Regards Mailman
That should give you a healthy handicap cut aye? Regards Mailman
Cy, Was that really a 448 yard par 5? Do you struggle with the big sticks as that hole screams eagle chance all day long (assuming it doesn't do anything silly like doing a 180 degree turn to the left or something???:) Nice video too. Regards Mailman
Do them just so you can go to the back of the class and watch all teh hawt chicks! :) But seriously, kettle bells and Pilates will both do your game a world of good through developing core strength, flexibility, power etc. Regards Mailman
I thought that was a picture of you for a second??? :) Give kettle bells a go if there are classes at your gym. You will love it. The other good one is Pilates which will help with core strength and flexibility too. Regards Mailman
Hi Christian, The class is run from the gym attached to my golf club and I got pulled in by a couple of club members who attend the classes. The class has also been developed in conjunction with the Titliest Performance Institute (sounds a bit like name dropping doesnt it :). All of the exercises are related to improving stability, core strength and flexibility but before I started the class I did an assessment to see where I was physically. There is a set of 12 tests...
I get out and run every other day. At the moment Im doing 10k sessions in an hour and Sundays are my long run day (14 to 20k) where I get out early afternoon before the wife goes out for a run (as she goes off with the other mothers from our community...and I dont want to slow them down! :)).   About 2 months ago I decided to supplement my running with a couple gym classes to help add muscle and definition but one of the classes I do is a specific golf fit class where...
EBay is your friend for golf balls! I can usually find near A Grade pro v1's for 50p a ball (around 75cUS). In the winter I use Srixon distance balls and even prime grade balls cost a song (about 20p each). It's the same for most balls, costing a fraction of their new price and to be honest while losing an eBay pro v1 still hurts it doesn't hurt as much as if it was a brand new £3 ball! :) Regards Mailman
That is a great comeback on 4, 5 and 6 too mate! Congrats on the handicap as well. As the saying goes, it can only come down from there :) Regards Mailman
[Damn text editor! Let's try that again!] Here's a couple things that helped me over the last 18 months; 1. Have alternatives available - As Christian says, don't give in to temptation. However you can help yourself here by having alternatives available to snack on when the munchies attack! I used to smash a big bag of crisps or a packet of chocolate biscuits or a bag of lollies without a second thought but now I always make sure there is plenty of fruit and nuts...
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