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Thank you @mvmac, more food for thought and more stuff to keep working on.   Although to be honest the whole shifting the weight forward and driving in to the ball is hard work at the moment! Its one thing to hit all the right positions when swinging through with the club in slow motion but quite another to pull it altogether in an actually swing!   Regards   Mailman
This has helped me immensely with keeping my head still through the swing.What I found was the head and upper body swaying was a result of my club path. As I was swinging the club around my body the sway would come with the path.Stopping swinging around my body meant changing the path of my club on the backswing and a simple excecise to help was to take my normal backswing with my backside against a wall. If I didn't hit the wall then I wasn't swinging around my body. The...
That's what I envision every time I'm in a bunke. Sadly Real Life (tm) seems to always have other ideas! :) Regards Mailman
  Ive updated the video with footage from down the line.   Regards   Mailman
@No Mulligans,   Some excellent thoughts there so thank you very much.   I headed back down to the club this morning during lunch time and had another session with plans to head out and play a cheeky three or four holes...sadly the Gold Society had other plans and the course was chocka full so I didn't manage to get past the pro shop!   However I did work on eliminating the swaying in my shot and think that Im starting to really make progress now. While I wasnt...
Swing update. So one of the things that Ive noticed from video Ive shot at the range and on the course is that my left arm becomes quite bent at the top of my backswing and as a result when I start the down swing it looks like the first action is to cast the club out like a fishing rod which I think helps promote the out to in swing and results in slices? Also after @mmoan2 suggestion in September I think in the below video my head is more stable than in last months...
I've got the 712 AP1's and they are awesome. I absolutely love the feel of the ball of the face of these clubs plus the sound is pretty damn satisfying too. I tried the G25's and didn't get on with these at all. Just couldn't hit them regardless of what I did and didn't like the look of the Ping Karstens (or their price!). But yeah, I quite enjoy AP1's and have seen my handicap come down steadily since I started playing these a few months ago. Having said that I took my...
To be honest you will be the best judge of how they go by getting out and using them. Regard Mailman
A geezer I play with uses a 7.5 degree 913 but, as he explained, when fitted because of his swing by the time he is smacking the you know what out of the ball the loft is more like 10.5 degrees at ball impact. Regards Mailman
I would still write a complaint about the lack of courtesy about the check out request though. Point out the importance of the trip to your group and things like that. You never know they might just send you something as an apology! Regards Mailman
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