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I keep telling my wife that it's not golf she should be worried about but the next thing I obsess over!!! :) I love golf. I could play it all day long every day! But it's more than an obsession. Golf was a fundamental part of my battle against life long obesity. Golf gave me a way of exercising without feeling like I was exercising! if I could hit straight it would only be a 8 mile walk however as I can't hit straight my rounds turned in to a 12 mile route march!...
So that's why she isn't on sky golf here in the UK any more! You buggers stole her!!!! :) She comes across as being a really genuinely nice person. regards Mailman
Well done mate. Keep up the good work! :) Regards Mailman
Except with real pros! :) Regards Mailman
I quite enjoy events like this but if it was me I'd get rid of the non-celebs (you know the CEO type entrants) and replace them with proper amateurs who have won the right to get to the event (like winning things like the Trilby Tour or similar events wtc). Regards Mailman
What was your origional goal? Was it just distance or are you aiming to be plus something at the end of this journey Regards Mailman
Not at all. There is a ton of reasearch in to the effects a high sugar diet has on the human body and migraines, mood swings, lack of focus etc can all be tied back to the white stuff!Mailman
A friend of ours drinks coke like it's going out of fashion (before breakfast, for breakfast, morning snack, lunch afternoon snacks, before dinner, with dinner then several more litres before going to sleep....eventually. She constantly complains about headaches or sore this or sore that and goes on about poor health. I've pointed out before her addiction to coke doesn't help but it's like talking to a brick wall. Mailman
Is Mark Crossfield the Ken Rockwell of Golf? :) Regards Mailman
I was about to say I was the same as most here in taking a year to break 100. But then I went and checked my stats and it shows my first club competition round below 100 was a 98 I shout 5 months after joining my golf club back in 2013! Took me another year I think to break 90 as well. Regards Mailman
New Posts  All Forums: