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So I had probably my best round yet last night, breaking 90 (with 89) for the third time in the last 6 rounds. Front nine 45 2xpar, 6xbogey, 1xtriple bogey (2x1 putt, 6x2 putt, 2x3 putt) Back nine 44 1xbirdie, 1xpar, 5xbogey, 1xdouble bogey, 1xtriple bogey (17 putts, 2x1 putt, 6x2 putt, 1x3 putt) I've only just started to "listen" to what the course is telling me and to manage myself around accordingly! I've woken up to trying to hit distances where I'm coming in to...
And I dare say he will have good grounds for self defense. Anyway, lucky we aren't discussing something mildly contentious like Palestinian anti-semitism??!?!? :) Regards Mailman
EXACTLY!I grew up around firearms in the 70's in NZ with access to weapons from bb guns up to Lee Enfield .303 rifles and everything in between. I even had my own .22 single shot rifle my grandad gave me before I was 10.Firearm safety was drilled in to my sister and I by dad, sometimes at the end of a wooden ruler BUT not once did I ever treat firearms in our house as anything other than loaded and deadly.Keep in mind this was a period in time where you didn't have to lock...
If someone is swinging an iron around my head the time to draw has already passed.Tell you what bshal, if I ever get to your part of the world I'll look you up. Golf and a shoot sounds like a lot of fun :)RegardsMailman
Mate,It's an interesting topic made all the more interesting by the range of responses.In two short pages we have seen everything from the informative and enlightening like bducks contribution to the frankly deranged "oh my god gun you is evil" response.Take it all in your stride because to be honest with you even if you posted on something as innocuous as you like white marshmallows you would still get the sane group going all left wing outrageously outragety because you...
Sir, that is one heck of a good post!RegardsMailman
As if you have that concern in the UK! ;) Regards Mailman
Lee Rigby probably thought it was safe to cross the road as well.Mailman
No, the bad thing is having a need for a firearm for self defence when you don't have one!Having grown up with firearms as well as spending a sizeable part of my life in the military I am comfortable around firearms.I'm not concerned about law abiding armed citizens. I am however far more concerned about those who believe it's their right to dispossess you of your property OR your life.Mailman
I play greensomes with a lady in her late 70's, possibly even early 80's and she gets all of 100 yards off the tee BUT the great thing about playing with her is that she hits the middle of the fairway every single time! Considering where my game is its a god damn novelty to play any shot off the fairway! :)   Contrast that with possibly the best ever drive I had on Sunday night which was absolutely utterly completely smashed off the face of the planet with a beautiful...
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