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I just started playing golf last spring, and my swing has gone through some major changes.  I started off duck hooking everything, then got to where I was hitting pretty well, and then got to the point where most of my iron shots were straight pushes - especially shorter irons - and my driver consistently had a wicked slice that started straight.  My 4W goes straight as an arrow provided I hit it clean.  I still average 3++ putts/hole, so that accounts for a lot of the...
Tape works (and doubles as cheap impact tape), or cardboard instead of paper.  I use cut-up beer cartons sometimes because it's thin and stiff.  (and readily available.. lol).
I hope you have your chiropractor on speed dial! ...all kinds of bones in your hand and wrist you could fracture. ..then the shock travels up your arm, shoulder, upper back, traps, lower back.. right on down to the ground.I like the idea though. Anything more... giving... that you could use?
I like this one best.
Were you putting your thumb along the right side of the shaft for leverage and pushing with it? I used to do that on my longer clubs and driver and I fought a nasty duck hook, which still appears from time to time, especially when I get tired. I try to keep it at 11 o'clock as they say to do, but sometimes my grip just doesn't feel "right". Also, I have very large hands. I hooked every club in my bag until I put on jumbo grips. Something to consider.
I was about to say... whenever I want to get my feelings hurt I put a strip of wide blue painters or masking tape in line behind the ball. You'll know right away when you hit fat. You can also put the tape on the clubface to see the impact spot. Or you can lay down a hunk of cardboard behind the ball.
Craigslist is your friend. Got my 4w, putter and both Titleist wedges for $100.
I'm happy when my ball gets up in the air and flies in the general direction of the green.
Improve to the point that keeping an honest score is worth the effort. Do this enough times to develop a real handicap, and let that handicap be 20. Strike the ball well most of the time. Eliminate 4-5 putting. Get avg putts down to 2.25. Play well enough to keep up with random business foursomes and not be a drag. Have fun.
    Correction - Golf Galaxy had them on Black Friday week for $12.50/doz, plus there were $100 off $400 coupons.  So <$10/doz.  I bought several dozen!  :)   For me, coming from Slazenger Raw Distance, 3- 16packs for $35 specials, this is a huge upgrade for even money.  They are durable balls too!
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