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      I'm so tired of this.  If this keeps up (and I'm sure you'll celebrate) I'm gone from this website.  Maybe you don't care because you aren't making any money on the message board anyway, but this is no way to professionally manage a site. Read the quotes above.  Jerry times was considering buying a putter and ANCHORING IT.  Not buying a long putter and using it otherwise.  You can act like that's not illegal all you want, but it doesn't make it true. Golfingdad...
 I expect better from YOU.    "no equipment is illegal"????  So we can use whatever we want?If you bothered to read the post to which Golfingdad was referring, you'd see that JerryTimes said SPECIFICALLY he was thinking about buying an "anchored putter".  Not a long putter.  Stop being a troll already.
 So if something helps your game, it should be legal unless you're a pro?  Like a ball that goes farther than the USGA rules allow?  Like a device on your arm to make sure you maintain a certain position at impact?Now, to be fair, you can use anything you want for your own recreational golf.  You just have to understand that using anything deemed "illegal" during your round means you can't use the score in that round when figuring an official handicap.  If you don't care...
 How many putters do you carry?How many wedges do you carry?
I'm half-tempted to just email them a link to this thread.    I mean, assuming they haven't stumbled upon it in their "research".
 Go ahead and give him all of his reputation points.  Just take back half of them to build a park.
Not sure if you guys were ever tortured into watching American Idol, but the audition shows were always the same.  You had a lot of kids who were lied to for years by friends and relatives about their singing ability.  I'm sure their friends and family were all well-intentioned, and didn't want to hurt their feelings or crush their dreams, but the result ended up being kids getting in front of a national camera making total fools out of themselves because everyone around...
Glad to know nobody else is using my mark.  And here I thought I was being completely un-creative by simply circling the number on the ball.
Judging from the recent replies, I'm guessing GolfingDad and WhySoSerious might agree with me.  In answer to the OP's question, the handicapped guy is the one who lets himself be annoyed by the actions of others on the course.  I'm guilty, and I'm guessing I'm not alone.  I've been known to rant about people who don't rake their bunkers, drive the cart the length of the fairway on 90-degree days, or take 20 minutes looking for a lost ball.  Sadly, I've sometimes let it...
 I have no problem being a prick.  I'd answer him:  "I don't know dude, I haven't seen you make anything within 5 feet all day."
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