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Anyone ever bought and used these?  Pretty heavy advertising during the day on Golf Channel.
Justin Rose - 11 Luke Donald -10 Steve Stricker -9
My wife recently took up golf last year and we sometimes go to the range together.  Inevitably sometime afterward she always comments on someone else who 'looked good' - as in they knew how to swing a club and should she try and incorporate that.  And most times I don't have any clue as to who she watched.  I used to be like her, but I thankfully am long past the mimic stage of my golf evolution.     When I go to the range, I typically work on the drill at hand (I'm...
For me GolfTEC has been very worthwhile.  I signed up for a 25 lesson pack becuase of the % savings/lesson.  Back when I played routinely, I historically experienced flaws in my mechanics that would come and go and seeing them again last summer after a long layoff I knew I wanted something other than a couple of lessons (which worked short term in the past).   What I have developed at GolfTEC is a relationship in that my coach knows my mechanics now and that has...
This isn't a diss or rant against dozu, but when I quit golf 10 years ago, it was precisely because of the 1000 pieces of advice that were readily available.  I was in the mold of the self taught golfer that after a few years actively sought advice from anyone that seemed to be capable of imparting wisdom - be they a casual player, club pro, instructor at a community college or 3 weekend session with a card carrying instructor.  I can't imagine being in that same place...
Since you are working with an instructor, you should ask your coach what to do.  That's a lot to digest though (5 things to think about at once it sounds like?). I had a similar type question once several lessons ago; after a few lessons, I was also now thinking of several things though as well.   So I asked him. He said do the drills until they become muscle memory.  Once muscle memory is achieved, we'd focus on something else/new. I had been and this just reassured...
old intro here: I recently switched from RN to LH and am in the process up swapping out clubs in my bag as a result.  I just got the Nike VR wedges on eBay at a sweet deal.  Anyone have these?  The irons are well reviewed, but not so much the wedges.  These are replacing Cleveland CG16s of the same loft.  I loved those clubs and they were the best part of my game.
but the real travesty was the Rangers. Granted the writing was on the wall in the way they finished the season; but to just mail it in?  I give props to the Os though. They wanted it and took it. Suks today living in Dallas metro area.  What do they do in the offseason?  No need to blow it up, but need to make significant changes.
agree - the call was a non-issue.  Loved how the fans got involved. stay classy Atlanta
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