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Just two stories.   I hit a high school teammate in the mouth when I shanked a 3 wood on a par five.  He fell back into a reclaimed city water pond.  You could see the $hit floating in the water.  I dont know which was worse.   My cousin snap hooked a drive off a man's roof and it bounced back onto the green and missed going in the hole by 3 feet.
I have a chicken wing in my left arm and I am determined to get rid of it.  I am turning to the experts on TST for advice on a "swing training device" or a drill that I can try to get rid of this problem.   Any advice is appreciated.   Thanks
I feel ya Mason. Played 9 was even going into number 7. Finished f**king 8 over!!!! Shot a 44. Still better than last week's 45 tho.
Ran three miles with the wife this AM.
I want to be healthy. History of heart disease in my family. I lift or run 6-7 days a week. Plus I have a job that requires me to be outside and moving not sitting behind a desk. My advice is get a workout partner and workout first thing I. The morning. The longer you wait in the day the less likely you are to exercise. Just my $.02. Good luck!!
Hello al! Just joined last night and this is my first post. I'm a 29 yr old golfer from central Arkansas. Been playing golf since high school about 11 yrs. I took the last two years off because of job change and moving. Back in full swing (no pun intended) now and wanting to lower my handicap from 13 to single digits by the end of next summer. I run my family's business which is Timber Management and I get to play once or twice a week. Looking forward to getting...
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