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Frank was my commencement speaker at my college graduation. I like him a lot but I do not agree with him here.
If you are an avid golfer who really enjoys the game, there is no excuse for not belonging to the USGA. You don't join for the "benefits." As others have said, you join to support the organization that  governs the world's greatest game. For example, the USGA donates millions of dollars to research organizations for turf management and other agronomic research directly related to maintaining golf courses. They also test equipment, manage the rule book, handicap system...
It is a very good advertising ploy. Who wouldn't want the best Olympic athlete of all time using their products?
I'm sure John Daly lights it up pretty frequently.
20 yard down hill flop shot in short-medium length rough
They work like magic. I switched exclusively to ProV1Xs last year and I can tell how much more spin around the greens I get. They feel much better all around than other balls that I have used. Better off my driver and irons as well.
Well, I bit the bullet and bought the same Leupold GX-2 that my dad has. I would use his whenever we played and the thing is awesome. It has the pinhunter and true golf range which shows the elevation change. It sells for $399+ retail but I got it for $273 with free shipping on eBay...It has helped a lot so it was definitely worth the price.
I was lucky enough to join my local country club which has unbelievable junior rates. The course is very well kept and with everything, I pay $170 a month without cart fees. Up to this year, carts were free but now charge $7 per 18, which is not bad at all. We have a great grass range with unlimited balls of course.
I'm currently upgrading my whole bag. I have ordered the new AP2s, just got new Vokey SM4 56* and 60* wedges, have a 52* Cleveland CG-16 gap wedge and have a new Odyssey Dart putter. The only things next are my driver and 3 wood. I am looking to get a pair of the Taylormade RBZ.
New Posts  All Forums: