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I havent used any real software but I think it has some great features for freeware. You can easily crop videos individually or side by side and convert a section of video to images at your chosen interval. You could also take simultaneous face-on and dtl videos using the video capture features. Great free tool
My lower body hates me after playing flag football on Saturday Today 3.5 miles 200 pushups
Yesterday - 3 mile run Today - 100 jump jacks 70 pullups 50 kb dead lift (1 pood each arm) 100 squats
25 Burpees 50 Pushups 30 KB swings (1.5 pood) 20 KB press (1 pood each arm) 50 Squats   1K run   Same reps as above
3 rounds -25 jumping jacks -25 pushups -12 kb swings (1.5 pood) -10 kb press (1 pood each arm)   Run 1 Mile   3 rounds same as above
Misses are definitely a little thin, and usually a straight push or leaking to the right.  Occasionally I have some really awful swings with the driver (nasty push fade, ugly sounds off the clubface), but after cleaning up my setup with the driver that has cleared up a lot.     Generally on my bad swings, I can feel myself pulling away from the ball and feel very flat with my shoulders.  I think this might tie into your post about my early release, which is partially...
Updates:   I know my head/upper center moves, and it's much more evident in my face on views.  I move laterally off during takeaway, then forward at the start of my downswing, but I seem to get back to a good spot at impact.  Been doing some of the wall drills lately, so hopefully that will help.  I feel like improving my tilt at the top will assist with this also.   Overall I'm feeling pretty comfortable with my takeaway now but P2/P3 is obviously still a work...
Had many pairs of sunglasses, but rudy project is probably my favorite.  Wide range of frames/lenses......they make some quality cycling gear as well   I've beat the crap out of my 'suncreeks' the past few summers at the beach (and the rest of the year) and they have been pretty bulletproof, hinges are even still tight   Maybe a little pricier, but they often have deals.....   http://www.rudyprojectusa.com/sunglasses_landing.php?group_id=1
Mike:  thanks for the visual on my right elbow, has helped a lot.....   Last few range sessions I've just been focusing on my right elbow flex, and getting to a better A3.  I was trying to go at about 50% speed in these below (but of course was probably closer to 75%).  Most recent shots have been very straight or with a slight fade.  Shot 87 at Reston National yesterday with a 41 on the back.     Shot sequence and right video below are from...
3 rounds 25 pushups 15 KB swings (1.5 pood) 10 hanging leg raises 25 air squats   Run 2 miles     3 rounds 25 pushups 15 KB swings (1.5 pood) 10 hanging leg raises 25 air squats
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