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I've recently decided to learn the game of golf. I've been acquiring used clubs over the last few months. I currently have a set of irons, a driver, and 3 wood. I've always thought the grips on the irons were kind of small, but after purchasing my driver and 3W I've started questioning the size even more since I find the grips on the new clubs to be more comfortable.   I would like to know what grips are on the current clubs. Is there anyway to determine this? I...
  Hitting the ball is problem I have, but that's not exclusive to my 4 iron. LOL
  Since I already have a 4I should I look at a 3H if I go the hybrid route?
Thats what confuses me. I don't know what to focus on. If I got one club would it be better to get a 3W or 3H?
I'm a beginner that is trying to learn the game of golf. I haven't played a round yet, but I go to the driving range whenever I get the chance.   I've paced myself buying clubs and have tried focusing on the ones that I have. I currently have a 2007 Taylormade Burner Driver, 4-9,SW,&PW Taylormade Burner Plus, and a Odyssey White Ice Two Ball F-7 putter.   Since Christmas is around the corner I would like to ask for a club or two. I'm not really sure what to ask...
I have the Burner Plus and think they are great clubs.     Here is a lefty set of the 2.0s at Taylormade Preowned for $365. There is also, a coupon code for 12% off. That would bring it down to 321.   http://www.taylormadegolfpreowned.com/golfclub.aspx?pd=1019071   Coupon Code: 12off
If you are interested in the Tight Lies, I doubt you could do any better than this. A decent complete set for $220. Its the 2008 model, but should more than suffice for what you are looking for.    http://www.rockbottomgolf.com/adams-golf-2008-tight-lies-11-pc-complete-set-graphite-steel.html     I just realized that a previous poster linked to the same set on Amazon. If you buy directly from Rockbottom you will ave the $30 shipping.
 Putters have a lie? I didn't realize that.
I agree www.rockbottomgolf.com is a fantastic site! Also, I recommend www.callawaygolfpreowned.com , I recently purchased a set of irons from them and they have great customer service. They sell all brands and often offer 20% off coupons. My sales rep even omitted the shipping costs for me.
Does the PING dot system matter when it comes to putters?
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