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It's highly possible haha. but it's the same as Kobe and Lebron, they could win 10 rings but can never be compared to Jordan
bwahahahahahaha !!!!   Best review ever
uhhh meaning, high as a kite
Hey Dave your High
Without Tiger golf wouldn't be what it is today, its the domination that drew everyone in. Every time I go to a PGA event it seems as though the whole gallery follows Tiger. Name one guy who is as captivating????    Ask anyone the first word that comes to mind when you say the word "Golf".. I guarantee the overwhelming majority would say "Tiger Woods"   Tiger = Icon
I wonder who approves the design and finish product?? Absolutely hideous looking!!!!!!
In all sports its what have you done for me today. Last year Rory got pummeled about going to Nike, being terrible, not being the star he was supposed to be, "will he ever be great?"...  I almost got sick this weekend hearing how magnificent he is and how he's destroying the field oh and a "superstar". how about give it a bit see if he can remain consistent.   He can win 20 majors and he still wont ever be in the same sentence as Tiger Woods
I went ahead and ordered a pair a couple days ago also, can't wait to try them out . They don't feel quite as low as the M projects but there definitely lower than a traditional golf shoe. I got the charcoal ones
Just saw the new shoe for 14' there based off the nike free run. Just wondering if anyone has tried them out
Wow Shorty that super stick is pretty cool, I guess people have always been innovating, I think if adjustable irons did come out it would be more of a gimmicky kind of thing. But one thing is for sure people would buy it!!!
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