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Try the Srixon Zstar XV!!
I play the Srixon Zstar XV quite a bit and it's an awesome ball. It's Srixons version of the Prov1x, for about $25 dozen on the Bay it's a good deal for a premium ball!!
I don't see how golf balls could get any better, it seems like they have it all. How much further would the best distance ball go over ProV, Zstar, etc..
Do you guys think the same ball will play different off of different clubs. Meaning if you played a ProV1 with Titleist clubs, would a ProV1 play different off of say taylormade clubs? Or would it be preference on the way a ball checks, workability, etc. It seems as though ProV's are the platinum standard. You would think all the pros would play ProV's
People in opposite fairways pickup balls all the time, super frustrating!!! Whatever happened to "if it not yours don't touch it"
Hopefully the charcoal color will hide some of the dirtyness but I walk most of the time so there gonna get messy anyways
I just ordered the charcoal/black mesh also. There's a few places that have them for $60!! Hey nowayjoze do you notice a diff between the spiked and spikeless version in terms traction or stability during your swing??
913D3.....$340 913FD.....$225 712 AP2..$770 Vokey 54-58....$230 Scotty C Select Newport 2...$260   All brand new on the Bay   (public school education) ummmm lets see... thats 5?? uh 2..mm carry the 2..??????   $$$$$1,825.00-----    913 h or hd  and extra wedge coming soon ^^^^^$$$   if its your hobby and you love to do it.. spare no expense to get what you want, like, need etc......
I just ordered some the other day they should be here Friday, I got the spikeless I'm hoping they hold up in the wet grass
I second the 712 AP2s there super nice all the way around. Looks, feel, there tough to beat. Plus you can pick them up at lower price New or used since the 714 came out. Happy shopping
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