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9iron are you Talking about the 2000 U.S. Open? That was close!! Ha! Mcilboring will just pick up the leftovers, he won't go out and take the tourny. And Dave or Sir, Amazing round but you have to play good for all 4 days
Ohhhh, the guy who barely wins because he doesn't play good... but because others dont play good?? Not impressed!!! Doesn't win in exciting fashion!! Yawn, boring, meh... Watch SC, the PGA Pres. Had something to say about next week
Golf will always be great to me it's all fun we like who we like, I think every golfer has good days, weeks, months. I think now that Pory is single he can focus on his game and Nike will start getting what they paid for!!!
No I'm only good for one!! And I'll buy Dory or whatever his name as being the future or dominant after reigning for a couple years not 2 weeks. Besides if Sergio had a couple more birdies it would have been a match it's not like Cory or whatever ran away with it JMO Hope you guys enjoy the ride(band wagon)
Great accomplishment, I guess it's just that all the negative talk about him since he went to nike and than he wins a tourny and now he's so great!!! Sorry not impressed, jmo, but hey I'm just a 9 that misses 3 footers haha
Yeah I agree with the heading it fits perfect.. Moment- noun 1. an indefinitely short period of time; instant:
Rory just seems like another golfer on tour, just not consistent enough to keep up the talk.. Tiger is so eclipsing. SC does updates on just Tigers round even when he's playing bad and they even have Tiger tracker on the ESPN home page Rory who??
I don't see how Rory winning the last major by a couple strokes puts him at the next level above Michelson, bubba, Scott etc... I just don't get it
It's highly possible haha. but it's the same as Kobe and Lebron, they could win 10 rings but can never be compared to Jordan
bwahahahahahaha !!!!   Best review ever
New Posts  All Forums: