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Thanks Video was very helpful.   Iv noticed i only do it with my driver and 3 wood when i want to hit a specific target like a short par 4 or tight fairway , so i will have to practice this and see what happens.
Thanks man , I can tell by the picture what you mean , it looks great I'm hitting the ball solid hands are ahead at impact and hitting a slight draw but slightly lower than normal flight which I like , I'm just not hitting them as long this year.
Was wondering about head and upper body position at impact , I've been playing pretty solid golf this year , striking it pure and with a slight push draw but I've lost 25 yards of the tee despite playing best golf of my life and being much stronger than last season. But I've noticed my whole upper body leans on the downswing towards target and I just kind of spin the shoulders to get the club around me to finish position , ( literally lean , my head moves with the body...
So how do I know where to aim club face for different types of shapes ?
im not too sure what you mean , iv always kept it simple ,aim body where you want the ball to start and clubface at where the ball lands
The way I play from the fairway bunkers is to pick the ball as clean as possible by staying tall throughout the swing and having a very shallow angle of attack, to do this don't play the ball any further back than slightly forward of centre, the courses I play don't tend to have much sand in the fairway bunkers and its always grainy so I always tend to have a clean lie.
To draw the golf ball the club face must be closed to the swing path slightly therefore making the loft of the club a little less which makes the ball travel further with less spin and more roll
Didn't even think of that haha thanks will have to try
Have had trouble with this for a while now and am starting to hit a few shots a bit fat . Anyone got any goods drill ideas to be more stable in the backswing
will be starting insanity on monday, see how that goes and then im gunna look into p90x only thing with p90 is i need some equiptment (especially the pull up bar ) and only a small room to work in
New Posts  All Forums: