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Maybe this has been previously stated, but I think a big issue with the cost of private clubs is Gen Y-ers graduating college left with enormous debt. I am a perfect example. Love golf, 26yo, good paying job for my age. Yet I am left with wonderful Penn State student loan debt. If it wasn't for that, I would be a member at one of two or three local private golf clubs. Too many people my age are left with awful college debt and its getting worse. I can't justify $300/month...
Gotta think he will make the HOF with another win or two. Hell, Freddy is in with 15 and a major. Good for Furyk. Good guy deserved to win.
So this time next year Spieth bulked up Rory style or no?
Hmmmm so is this course a lot like Whistling Straits? Or is it somewhat like Kiawah? Or just a more traditional Euro links course? I literally know nothing about it, but excited for some place new and different.   I'm excited for Fox. I will give them the benefit of the doubt.   Also sounds like driving accuracy is gonna be half the battle. Perhaps Stenson can summit greatness or Japanese Tiger?
Yeah and thanking the hospitality staff. Simple things like that show genuine class.
Wow. He is impressive with that mic. Dare I say he reminds me of Arnie?
Can you imagine just how perfect that would be for the entire world of golf? Spieth - Matsuyama - Rory rivalry. Me likey.
Now onto to Chamber's Bay and for Rory to win his 5th major. Shit is gonna happen.
Congrats to Jordan. Good for him. Class act. 
Even Spieth's misses are big.
New Posts  All Forums: