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I'm glad they are getting their asses kicked this week. Good to seem them humble. Also, Jimmy Walker is damn good at this game. I like Spieth, but he still has bouts of immaturity to me. He doesn't take his time and seems to get distracted. Until that changes, I don't see him rising to the level he is expected to get to.
Are they doing groups of 3 on Sundays throughout the entire season now?
Good golf today.Always like this tournament, though these greens are atrocious this week. Matt Every is an enigma. So lackluster until he comes to this venue. Still think Stenson wins today. 
At this point Tiger playing is a bonus to me. Its the cherry on top. Ice cream is delicious by itself, with a cherry on top its complete; but you dont need it. I would love to see Tiger, but at this point, we need to move on. Here's to Rickie and Rory and Jason Day, Bubba, Spieth, those guys competing on the back 9 Sunday.
Love this course. This tournament is gonna move up the ranks quickly. Pretty good field this year. I like a guy like Stenson to win or even a bounce back from Ryan Moore.
If I Win I'll choose the Pure DTX (Black) to start my 2015 golf season with a PURE advantage!   Jason Day -9 Bubba Watson -8 Charl Schwartzel -7
I love my Pure grips fyi. Great value.
Fine and dandy, but be accurate with your bitching then. That's all. 
Because they are whining about length. It is just patently false. Players of all abilities can win on this course. Sure, length helps, but tell me a course where being able to drive it 320+ hurts you. Its just the constant bitching from Poulter seems every month he has some issue. He just isn't actually that good. If you're gonna bitch, at least know your stats and bitch accurately. He was awful on the par 3s. That is why he finished T49; not because he can't hit it as far...
Ok now i'm gonna ****ing rant.     1) To Poulter and Sned's caddie - care to elaborate a little more? Merely, saying along the lines of "this course blows" is a joke. Sure its not the most fun, when you are sucking, but its an interesting course that makes you think. Golf would be too boring if every course was the same. Doral is different and hard; stop whining because you sucked this week. Specifically Poulter, you choked at Riviera and now you come to Doral, play...
New Posts  All Forums: