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Yeah he comes off as if he doubts himself.
Good work Tiger. Right back to even for the round. Dude NEEDS to stop using the Driver right now.
I vote no because I don't think its good for fans at the course and doesn't show well on tv. Even with improved greens, walking this course will always been like climbing Everest for the fans and players. US Open deserves a venue that can house a shit ton of fans, while also having an elite course in elite condition. It deserves the best of the best and CB is not one of them.   And also, we can get great leaderboards at any course.   I like what someone else said, let...
Ugh despise Bubba
Ugh please no! Spieth doesn't need to improve his power. He hits it fine. He wins! I pray he does not get bulked up and risk injury and jenk up his swing. No no no no no.
I think Rory is gonna end up with 14 major and tie Tiger. Spieth will have 10. Cause I'm weird.     I like Rory's chances to get to 14 sooner, but Spieth will win later in his career. Rory has more overpowering talent. But wouldn't be surprised if Spieth wins more long term.    Gonna be an interesting future of golf. Would be nice if we could have a legitimate trifecta. I don't buy into Rickie. Perhaps Reed or one of the real young guys can reach their level.
It really is crazy to think what DJ could have now.   -2010 US Open -2010 PGA -2015 US Open -2013 Open Championship   Obviously a bunch of hypotheticals, but he really should have at the very least 2 of those. We would be talking about future HOFer Dustin Johnson then. We would be talking about a trio rivalry of Rory, Spieth and DJ.   Just crazy.
What cost him the open was him missing multiple makeable putts on the back 9 Sunday. Can't blame the greens when he missed about 5 he should have sunk. Everyone else putted there.
I like Adam Scott's backdoor 64 yesterday. I like him to compete for the Open that he choked on a few years ago. And I like Rory for Whistling.
Has the idea ever been brought up about a scoring system?   Maybe....   PGA/Euro win = 1 point Major win = 10 points Players win = 5 points WGC = 3 points World #1 = 3 points   Minimum of 30 points to get in.   Furyk: 16 regular wins = 16 points 1 Major win = 10 points Total = 26 points   Duval: 12 regular wins = 12 points 1 Major win = 10 points 1 WGC win = 3 points 1 Players win = 5 points World #1 = 3 points Total = 33...
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