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You make some very good points. Noted.
Yeah it does but my phone does hold hold a charge. I kinda like the laser rangefinders, but I guess they aren't exactly as detailed as like a Garmin or Sky Caddie. And whats the deal with the watches? Just smaller and cheaper?
Getting one this Christmas, but don't know which one is the best bang for your buck. Need advice.
How I want it to go: Masters: Rory US Open: Rickie Fowler The Open: Tiger PGA: Jason Day     How I think it will go: Masters: Phil US Open: Matt Kuchar The Open: Rory PGA: Jason Dufner
Man what the hell happened to YE Yang. He has been garbage for some time now.
Few things:     1) Apart from all our bitching and moaning (myself included), lets congratulate Europe. They were flat out better and won this. They had better players who played better with better chemistry and they care more.   2) Hazeltine in 2 years we need some changes. We need an overall confidence and moxie to this team starting with the captain. I want Freddie or Johnny Miller. A guy who has some swagger and confidence and even controversy. No more tail...
Webb is just lipping everything out. WTF
Why are they so much better at this than the US? Is there any real reason?
Ugh Jordan why are you so antzy on those putts????? We need a W from you.
Yeah I have no problem with it at the RC. Its just funny cause Reed still is a jackass and now he is putrid on this hole.  Also, real nice of Bubba to play well......
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