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I had no problem with it at all. The winning score was -16. There were a ton of great scores yesterday, after poor conditions. Lets not hand this tournament on a silver platter to everyone. They are pros and can deal with it. Everybody had to play in these conditions. There were -6, -5, and -4 yesterday from a handful of players. I think it was just fine.
Media trying to stir up controversy in Phil's presser. I dont like Phil, but dont put words in his mouth you ****s.
I dont think Rickie will be upset if when he is all said and done...he is compared to Ernie as opposed to Tiger. Ernie is still a 4 time major winner and future HOFer. I have a feeling Rickie probably knows in his mind, Rory is the better player.
What an amazing tournament. Congrats to Rory. Here's to Rickie getting his next year.
New era folks.
holy shit
This is like normal people golf bahahahaha
And they are
Its crazy. Rory is just better than everyone out there. Phil putts like a crazy person today. Rickie plays probably some of the most consistent golf of his life and puts the ball wherever he wants apart from 2 holes. And Rory just continues to dominate.
What do you think guys...we getting this one in?
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