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I shot a 90 yesterday and I felt like it was the best most consistent round of golf I ever played. I added up that scorecard and cried lol. Life of a bogey golfer.
Favorites:   Tiger DJ Jason Day       Least:   Phil Sabbitini Bubba
Ahh was not aware. Good call. Wait was that Nicklaus who re-did it recently?
The only thing that I really question about picking Rory over Tiger (although I already have) is Bubba. He could be a major roadblock for Rory at Augusta for a long time. Even Phil could get in the way for the next few years. Bubba is just so good there and I can see him winning another Masters in the coming years. Being a lefty is so helpful there, especially a long lefty. Now Rory is on another lever than most of the guys out there but Bubba could really gonna get in his...
Phil is gonna be left off the Olympic roster at this time? lol what a joke. And DJ. Gimme a break. They need big names to sell this thing.
Where's Phil? lol
I was B-Fit for Bridgestone B330-S golf balls.   Adam Scott -14 Jim Furyk -11 Marc Leishman -12
So which happens first....Rory completes the career Grand Slam or Tiger gets his 15th major?
Really interesting press conference from Adam Scott. Seems a little salty.
To each his own. Sure I have enjoyed it b/c of the leaderboard. I just prefer tougher majors.
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