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Yeah not a fan of him. 
Its like if my accountant decided he was gonna wear a beater and crocs to work.
I like Jimmy Walker but he CANNOT rock the flat brim Fowler/DJ hat. Omg hahahahaha
Jason Day is DJ with clutch. This was a huge win for him today. After how The Open ended along with just the overall length and drag with travel, to turn around and have a clutch final round and final few holes; that takes some mental strength. Impressive win. Hope he does well at Whistling.
I think he help him. But I also think he prepared for significantly worse weather than they got. Sure they got bad weather, but Sunday wasn't bad at all and parts of Thursday weren't that bad either. He prepped for conistently windier conditions. 
 A few things to add to this. I completely agree with DJ's caddy situation. Maybe we are talking out of our asses; who knows? I just get the feeling he could really use a guy like Steve Williams. Someone with some ego and fire. Its weird, DJ walks with a swagger and has a moxie about him, but I feel like he just doesn't have enough ego. Someone who will be there to light a match under him when he is being all "DJ dumb" on the 8th hole at a major on Sunday. He needs that...
Good stuff today. Sad I missed most of it. Good for ZJ, definitely in a new category. I think Jordan should be very proud of his result. Of course you want the W, but my lord this is one absolutely remarkable year for him at the majors. I'm sure he will be right there in Kohler, WI. Really disappointed with DJ. Not sure I'm gonna be picking him in any of my pools/draft kings/etc anymore. Really don't think he has what it takes between the ears. Its just sad, because he...
I don't anymore. I think he is too much like Tiger and its all in his head. I had huge hopes for him today and he choked. I think he will shoot maybe a 69 tomorrow but off the radar as everyone above will surge. He chokes. Very big disappointment for his talents.
DJ truly is an enigma. The only other player that is an enigma for me is Tiger. Neither make any sense to me.
DJ doesn't have it in him today. One cannot expect to win this if you can't attack the easy front nine on an easy scoring day.
New Posts  All Forums: