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So when is he coming back?
Rain soaked and cold here in South Central PA. I was the only crazy person on the course today. Shot the best 82 of my entire life. The greens were an absolute mess so putting hurt me. Hit 13 GIR. Never hit it better off the tee or straighter with my irons. Due to the wet course my distance really struggled so probably the only reason I wasn't in the 70s, but I couldn't be more pleased. Haven't played in over 2 months. 
Penn State Blue(Competition) Course. Forget which hole but it was like a 140-150yd par 3 with water to the front left. Hit a nice high 8-iron. Pin was right in the center. I put it about 10 feet over the pin and it spun back a good bit. Ended up about 6 inches from the hole. Tap in for birdie. Think I went on to shoot somewhere in the low 90s that day, but my God was that a bright spot.
I'll believe it when I see it and I'll believe it when he hits his first awful shot. But, I really like Tiger's attitude right now. He seems hungry yet positive and like he has a new attitude. Also really impressed with the swings they showed of him. Doesn't look like he trying to kill the ball. His swing so far looks fluid and smooth and most importantly comfortable and conservative on his now fragile body. I think that is the most important part. Again, we obviously need...
Great field and super pumped to get this going. Lets do this Tiger!
You make some very good points. Noted.
Yeah it does but my phone does hold hold a charge. I kinda like the laser rangefinders, but I guess they aren't exactly as detailed as like a Garmin or Sky Caddie. And whats the deal with the watches? Just smaller and cheaper?
Getting one this Christmas, but don't know which one is the best bang for your buck. Need advice.
How I want it to go: Masters: Rory US Open: Rickie Fowler The Open: Tiger PGA: Jason Day     How I think it will go: Masters: Phil US Open: Matt Kuchar The Open: Rory PGA: Jason Dufner
Man what the hell happened to YE Yang. He has been garbage for some time now.
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