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Few things:     1) Apart from all our bitching and moaning (myself included), lets congratulate Europe. They were flat out better and won this. They had better players who played better with better chemistry and they care more.   2) Hazeltine in 2 years we need some changes. We need an overall confidence and moxie to this team starting with the captain. I want Freddie or Johnny Miller. A guy who has some swagger and confidence and even controversy. No more tail...
Webb is just lipping everything out. WTF
Why are they so much better at this than the US? Is there any real reason?
Ugh Jordan why are you so antzy on those putts????? We need a W from you.
Yeah I have no problem with it at the RC. Its just funny cause Reed still is a jackass and now he is putrid on this hole.  Also, real nice of Bubba to play well......
Very pleased with Hunter's play so far today. He looks comfortable against a damn good opponent. Bubba and Rickie on the other hand dont look like they know how to play competitive golf today.
"Silenced the crowd" after making a putt to halve the hole. He put his index finger up to his mouth looking at the crowd.
This has gotta be eating away at Horshel. Hopefully his success continues and he makes the next team. I really think he is the type of guy that would thrive at the RC. He has the moxie that this team needs.
bahahaha Patrick Reed my friends.
Holy shit Rory. This amazes me. Seems like Rory has truly outgrown the nerves and pressure and moved into the "it" factor realm that Tiger had. Dont know if Rickie will ever get there.
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