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Its way too early to say with these 2. I do believe in Rory and hope he starts contending week in and week out more. I believe he is the one to carry the tour when ratings drop; he's just not there quite yet. Spieth, Reed, Henley, English all guys that need to prove it still as far as multi major, ratings driving players. But those 4 look like they are the next generation. I'm still holding out hope for Day, DJ, Fowler, Haas, Woodland, Stenson, Snedeker. That sorta crew of...
 Point missed
Get use to it.
Kleenex needs to give him a huge endorsement that would be awesome lol
Damn Bubba's gonna be a perennial Augusta favorite. Dude is just so good here.
its official, bubba's not from earth.
Great and every other tournament since his Clarett Jug?
his game has vanished
green jacket #2?
jesus bubba come on now
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