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Kirk is boring. But good for him. Nice victory. Was rooting for Henley; I like watching him play.
I'm definitely going 5 wood and PW. 5 wood will get me decent distance off the tee, approach shots with it as well. Then a PW for 125 and in, sand shots and then putt with the 5 wood.
Wow thanks for that video above. I tried this a lot at the range yesterday and it really helped me a lot. It enabled me to hit a slight draw at best and at worst, I still hit a slight fade. I did not hit one slice yesterday after 3 buckets of balls. Even with my arch nemesis driver, I hit it pretty darn well. Excited to play 18 this coming weekend and see if I can keep it together. Thanks a lot to everyone that has helped.
I said Na a few weeks ago. I think he deserves it over Snedeker. I really don't care about all the veteran talk. We can win this thing anyway so might as well take currently deserving guys. Na also is a pretty good putter. And I think his craziness might be just the fun jolt we need to pester UK.
Is this course really hard or are they just not playing particularly well today? Seem like lots of errant shots from top players today.
88 today. Not very good round. Driver was erratic as per usual, but today was my horrendous aim with my approach shots. I think I only had 3 GIR. I also managed to birdie the 2nd hardest hole with 2 incredible shots. Just a head scratcher day. Also didn't help I got stuck behind a father/son pairing who were awful and playing from the tips. They barely hit their drives past the red tees and were shanking lots of other shots. They could tell I was pissed, but wouldn't let...
To me its always been the prices that have been the problem with Dick's. How can they possibly expect to attract the casual golfer or a newcomer when you cant get a pair of shorts for under $50 or a shirt for under $60. I was just there 2 weeks ago and I couldnt find one shirt or short under those prices, apart from the few on sale that were 3XL. The clothing really is not that great of quality from all the popular vendors. Its mostly 100% polyester and made for dirt cheap...
I had no problem with it at all. The winning score was -16. There were a ton of great scores yesterday, after poor conditions. Lets not hand this tournament on a silver platter to everyone. They are pros and can deal with it. Everybody had to play in these conditions. There were -6, -5, and -4 yesterday from a handful of players. I think it was just fine.
Media trying to stir up controversy in Phil's presser. I dont like Phil, but dont put words in his mouth you ****s.
I dont think Rickie will be upset if when he is all said and done...he is compared to Ernie as opposed to Tiger. Ernie is still a 4 time major winner and future HOFer. I have a feeling Rickie probably knows in his mind, Rory is the better player.
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