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Is Streamsong in Florida open yet?   I would love to play there, but distance and cost are issues for me. I visited the web site, www.streamsongresort.com, but did not see an actual opening date, I read it was to be late December.   If it is open, anybody played there yet? What did you think?   Hope everybody is having a great holiday season!  Hope you were not hit by the blizzard as I was!!
Well, no golf in a blizzard!   saevel25, I have seen underarmor (at Dicks, I think), would you recommend it?  I can't see playing a good game all layered up!
Some of you are hardcore!   I think 40, and no rain, will be my cutoff.  There is nothing worse than getting chilled to the bone in a cold rain!  Plus I think anything colder than that would affect my game.  Maybe I am just a wimp!   Guess I need to move down south :)
What is the coldest weather you are willing to play in?  In my area we are in the upper 40's, which I think with a jacket on is not too cold to play in.  But the courses here are deserted.   Granted, I am new to the game, but I always heard golfer's are passionate about their game and will play in nearly any weather.   I guess we are just a bunch of wimps around here    Hope you still have nice weather where ever you are at!
I will be visiting Orlando next month and staying at the Waldorf Astoria.  Looking forward to playing their course but I have a question.  I was looking at their web site and saw they have a Golf Academy available.  Has anyone here used this service and were you pleased with the results?  Cheers.
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