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This year I'm starting with a set of Maxfli Revolution black dot irons (1999), bent 1 degree strong in loft and stock lie. I reshafted them over the winter with TrueTemper Multi-Step lite shafts (the same ones as in the a7's). Seem to come out with the same yardages as the Adams irons. It's nice having a real 3 and 4 iron in the bag again.   I'm keeping either the 2H or the 3H in the bag (the hybrids seem to be 5-10 yards longer than the respective Maxfli irons; we'll...
I wouldn't use Comet, Ajax, or any other abrasive cleaner on chromed irons or highly polished finishes, unless you want the bright shiny finish to wind up as a satin finish. Also not good for painted surfaces. Bar Keepers Friend or Bon-Ami have a very low abrasive content so they should be ok. I'd also stick with nylon bristles instead of brass, even for the hard gunk. Just let the head soak in warm water with dish soap (I use Dawn) for a longer period to loosen up the...
Always shook hands (I've only worn a hat 2-3 times when playing) in Jr. High and High School, casual rounds and High School matches. I still do it today in my company league, and causal rounds with friends or strangers. I've never run into someone who was surprised by the gesture, either.
Not many steel shaft options available (TT DG and some Apollo shafts). I don't know of any manufacturer who makes or made a 0.350 steel shaft for woods. You could use a shim, but I don't know if your BB driver is one of the BBs with no hosel and a thru-bore (like the one I have); that might not allow for using a shim.   There' s a fairly long thread over at a large golf forum (I don't know if I can mention the site here) about using steel shafts in modern driver heads....
(Actually on Monday . . . )   Shot my best ever 18 hole round - 86. 44 on the front 42 on the back. Lots of pars, no birdies dropped, too many doubles and a triple (with an OB). Course was Pecan Hollow Golf Course in Plano, TX ("Player's" tees at 68.9/118). I haven't really played since the end of August (and not well then), so I was very pleased.
Bought a used set of Maxfli Revolution black dot irons, in very nice shape, for $130.
Physical height means virtually nothing when it comes to club fitting - wrist to floor measurement (left wrist for a RH golfer, and vice versa) means more, but only as a starting point. FWIW, here are Tom Wishon's starting guidelines for WTF measurement versus driver and 5 iron lengths.   Wrist to Floor     Driver Length     5-iron Length          27" to 29"          42"                    36 1/2" 29+" to 32"        42 1/2                37 32+" to 34"        43       ...
Best wishes on a speedy recovery!   I find much the same thing with tempo and timing.
THE GORILLAAAAAAAA!   (Hear it in your mind with Mark Crossfield's accent)   I need to get around to watching "Gorilla James'" videos; been watching Crossfield for several months now. Mark takes it well when James outdrives him by 30-50 yards.
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