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Putting styles like putters come in different styles and sizes. I think it's the most idiosyncratic swing in golf,. Everyone has their own  grip, routine, stance. I guess there are still fundamentals in achieving the correct speed & line, but I think a lot comes down to the individual.
Modern drivers are designed to increase distance through carry so my guess is that it's harder to generate the required swing speed for distance if your not confident in wielding the big stick. A well struck 3wd could therefore be just as effective until you get confident with the driver.
Cool. I guess I like to let my playing partner aware of the situation before lifting my ball - just extra insurance.
Here is the situation,   I'm Teeing off and duff my drive. My ball travels about 1m from the Tee. I'm playing a hole which requires clearing a water hazard so I figure I'd rather re-tee the ball then play off the ground. I announce to my group " I'm deeming that ball unplayable" under Rule 28. I then opt for proceeding under stroke and distance Rule 27-I by playing nearest to the spot I played my last stroke.   I proceed under rule 20-5(a) to take my next stroke on...
Great to hear father and son hitting the golf course together. I have 7mth old twins - boy and a girl) and can't wait for the day we can all go out and enjoy a round of golf together - welcome to the forums. 
I meant to say I walked back towards the tee because I fluffed my drive (1st stroke). I had not taken a drop yet but was hovering over the site of my second shot. I did not re-tee the ball, I was about 10 yards from it as per where I took my 2nd stroke.
I understand and agree with all that has been posted, but want to point out I was not penalised - there was no official club ruling on  the matter -  it simply caused a debate around the club house and there were those people for and against - although the majority appeared to regard walking away from your ball as abandoning it. I think what I will do is simply approach the committee and seek clarification of the rules. I again want to stress that the matter was not...
Thanks all,   Unfortunately the consensus around my club is the by returning to the tee you "abandon" your ball therefore it is lost.    I believe as per posts above and the actual rules of golf, that I was in the right but as I was not penalised just given a warning, I'm just going to put it down as a "local rule" and next time not be pressured into walking back to the tee and simply carry on my search for 5 minutes even though it will probably upset the members and...
Hi All,   Just playing at my local club competition, I duffed my drive, it went about 10 yards (embarrassing) - got out my 3 wood and smacked the hell out of it to make up for lost yards - it was a cloudy day and I knew I hit it true and up the guts but lost sight of it. I get up to my group and they reckon it faded and was probably in the pond - I was adamant it couldn't be in the wet but after 2 minutes searching in the area near the lateral hazard I was basically...
There's more to life than golf? Whaaatt?!
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