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So, according to even a Bay Area newspaper. . . I guess Bubba wants to make a statement. I feel a little bad for DoH fans, but good that Bubba is showing he cares.
I'd rather be 300 with wind and 60 yards of roll, too!
Relative to USGA handicaps, aren't you actually equivalent to a 7 or less? Is your 11 based off a running average of scores?
I'd rather be 250 on the fairway.
10 minutes of slow practice in the hotel. Used video to make sure I am making the right moves throughout the swing. At least what I think are the correct moves. My muscles are still sore after I let them rest a couple days. Unless, it's from playing 18 holes of frisbee golf?
Idk if it was true or not, but history books state that Robert E. Lee was the first choice for the Union Army. On top of that both generals of their respective armies were very good friends?I don't really see why the general's name is offensive?
No, it shouldn't be too hard to adjust as long as you're learning to swing properly, and based upon your expectations. I have all different flex clubs and can switch between them. It takes very little time to adjust, but I'm not trying to hit a 5 yard circle from 200 yards either.
Or attempting to hit too many balls on a hard mat!
It was pretty funny. On a more serious note, are the Elvis-Alien babies getting proper health care?
Played a round of frisbee golf with my son and 2 nephews. Shot even, son shot +2, nephew 1 -2, nephew 2 +3 18 posts. Used my hips to launch the disk. I think it loosens up the hips in the opposite direction for me. Threw one drive pick high on a par 4. Playing Ultimate in college translates pretty nicely to disc golf.
New Posts  All Forums: