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  The point I was making is that getting new irons and hitting them well should not change anything in the way he hits his driver. Unless, he is saying something like "Now that my irons are hitting so great, it's time to take my driver up a notch." I didn't really get that meaning from his post.
 Just curious, this does not sound like someone in the 5-10 handicap range. It seems like even a 13 handicap should be more consistent throughout their set of clubs. I don't hit my clubs all that well, but getting better at irons doesn't make my driver unwind like this. If anything, when I hit my irons better my driver gets better too. Thoughts?
 They should pick up and move on. If someone jumped in front of a group, they had better be way faster than those they jumped.
 Yeah, I was trying to think of a way to say it. Kind of like a strain without strain type of thing. :-P The best way I can describe what I am doing is to move as smoothly as possible. If I give a number from 1 to 10 on the amount of "strain" I can feel on any part of my body, I would give walking uphill a "2" on the calves. "5" would be running downhill on the quads. If my golf swing puts more than a "5" on any part of the body, I try something different. Flaring my feet...
 Like most shooting sports, the golf shot is done one shot at a time. Once you've made the shot it's done. You can't turn back time. "Swear, punch the air, let loose a volley of abuses at your club,. . . whatever" get it out of your system and play the next shot as if it is your first shot of the day.
 It's better to flare your feet at any age. I think that younger people heal faster and can get away with it, as with many other physically strenuous movements. I am not young any more either, so everything I wrong thing I do gets me injured, and it takes weeks to heal. In another decade or so, maybe it will take months or years? Who knows, but the best thing is to not strain any part of the body. The best person to tell you if you are doing something wrong is your own...
Doesn't look good, but I know it's yummy.
Not too unrealistic.
 Yah. . ., looks pretty yummy especially as I finished 27 holes earlier this morning without eating breakfast.
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