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You need to be more positive about things. Such as that bar could be replaced with a coffee shop where you can also socialize.
If I drove the ball for KJ, he would kill me after the first hole. Thus, we would never know.  
An extra 50 yards on average would probably put me 10 strokes less. If the pro hit my approach shots would take me down another 5 strokes at least. I think I might make scratch if he played the long game. Another 6-8 strokes if the pro also took over my short game and putting. Maybe the fastest way for me to improve is just to have a pro like K J Choi replace me. I just wish I could afford to pay him to play for me.  
Bolshie: (of a person or attitude) deliberately combative or uncooperative."policemen with bolshie attitudes"
I'll start off with my feeling that it's unfair for girls to be excluded from certain things because of their gender. I will also say that the Victorian (named after Queen Victoria) era had many great women writers, poets, composers, artists and scientists like Madame Curie to name a few. For someone to accept that women were not as worldly as men of the time is avoiding the truth. Facts are hard to deny, and it's up to everyone to make sure they understand history before...
Don't forget about http://thesandtrap.com/t/61175/a-new-golfers-journey-through-the-first-two-months-so-far @bjwestner
 Or not depending upon ho well you hit them, and I'm sure an 8 can hit them much better than many of us.
 Now you know how engineers feel about marketing.  He is a really good marketing type, and his ability to sell things is really good. He could make a lot of money with very little effort if he chose to do so. I am wondering what kind of spin he's going to use? We know that he's about as good as a run of the mill high school freshman player, but does the rest of world believe his word or our word? Keep in mind that he has many people convinced that we are just a bunch of...
I have a few 100 balata balls, but they blister sometimes. Probably just old.When I hit righty, I used some old persimmon the previous owner left in my garage. Haven't touched them in 2 years.
 Just don't let you brain turn to mud while doing this experiment. We need your brains to make us better golfers.
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