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Okay, turns out I have enough flexibility. I spent an hour practicing in front of a mirror. I spent a good deal of time keeping my balance while keeping the elbows close together. I did really slow movements. I just finished a range session, and the balls all go in the general direction where I want. I haven't quite figured out club face and path control, but I can push, pull or hit balls as straight as I can aim. So, I will continue the mirror work for a while until...
I bet he only missed by 7 inches, too? I had quite a few miss by an inch or two.
It would save a lot more than 10 strokes.
 The pressure of the sport is really high, and it seems like there needs to be some outlet for that pressure so it does not manifest itself in other things. What do the people whom you respect do for their outlet?
 Kaili practiced a lot more of his drills last night, and is starting to understand what he is doing wrong. The main thing is for him to work on the drills in our backyard net, and do the same thing during his team practice sessions. More videos to come. You're right. Today was a breakthrough day for me. The reason is because I now have the hip flexibility to do the key move more consistently. I hit a few solid 6i last night after working on this drill, and moped around...
Thanks, Happy Easter to you too!
I agree. To top it off, I would say when someone asks for "average" they mean "typical" as average does not have any direct bearing on score. It's a good performance metric for you to work on self improvement.It's probably just a semantics issue.
I'm glad you had fun, but it does not seem to have anything to do with "Operation Single Digits 2014" thread, though.
Finding the best instructor(s) for your personality, and seeing them to improve your ball striking, putting, chipping, pitch shots or course management etc. is a fun experience. If you don't enjoy your visits or cease to enjoy it, you should stop and or see someone else. I agree with what Mark Stated, it's hard not to agree with him, but I will say that you do want to see an instructor to avoid injury. If a new golfer asks me what to do to learn golf, I would strongly...
New Posts  All Forums: