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 All with a butt full of poop too!
Sure, but unless you average 250 (including duffs, slices and such) off the tee that happens once or twice a round?
 Or maybe not having to hit as many pitch shots by trying to get closer to the greens on the approaches by improving your ball striking?
  Caught that too! That is the "too massive" part.  Gives new meaning and challenge to "cutting cups". Again,  
  http://thesandtrap.com/t/81903/playing-golf-with-someone-carrying-a-weapon http://thesandtrap.com/t/75670/concealed-carry-on-the-course What's ironic, is that the perpetrator appears to have carried the gun onto the course legally. I might change my stance from thinking someone carrying a weapon onto a golf course as a total loser to something else. . . 
A punt gun as in my avatar comes to mind. 600 yard carries with just the right amount of charge?
I started about 5 years ago, but played righty. I switched about the time I joined this site. I was so bad that I didn't even really score my first 15-20 rounds. Once I got on this site, and started taking lessons locally. My first official score was something like 115. My coach at the time was disappointed to say the least. So, I worked on a bunch of stuff, and finally got a score in the 100 range. Then it was not until about 9 months of floundering and hitting tons of...
 ROFL, okay so this seems a bit odd. What are the odds of getting an entire foursome like this?  The "glare at us" part has me in stitches. I can barely complete this post. . .   Oh, yeah. . . 
 You mentioned that putting is your weakness several times, but that you don't make many GIR. This seems to indicate that your long game is lacking, not the short game. If I were in your position, I would follow up on what @saevel25 stated more so than putting.
 This is what engineers do all the time.
New Posts  All Forums: