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Is this correct???   Dan wrote this in his blog about the trip. "To get sidetracked for a second, another interesting aspect of Australian golf is that the only rounds you post for your handicap are “comp” (competition) rounds.  They separate comps and social rounds by making specific days and tee times for comps.  They have 3-4 comp days a week so it’s easy to get in your rounds for the handicap, but you have to pay to enter them, even at a private club.  You can play...
 This is just a short term solution.
 As long as it is not confused with the Mclaughlin project, we're good.
 Right, and the other thing I found is that an 18 hole round is more forgiving of blow up holes. I can get 3 doubles and have a good chance of getting 3 pars to offset them.
 I just did two rounds where my differentials on 9 holes treated as an 18 hole round were "17 and 24", while my true 18 hole scores remain around 14-15. One of these two rounds raised my HI by 0.3 points. My main issue is getting warmed up. I always seem to need a few warmup holes, even if I am lucky enough to par any one of the firs few holes. My driver doesn't even start to work until the 9th hole.
He must have an injury of some kind that prevents him from doing a follow through?
  This is an all too familiar scenario, where corporate executives and their minions of "administrators" lay off actual contributing members of the company rather than thinning down their own ranks of overpaid minions. Instead of reducing the bureaucracy that has been stifling their financial growth, they find a quick solution to appease their shareholders as long as they keep their own jobs. This has been happening to many other fields such as Automotive, Aerospace,...
 Hey, I like the teams we had last time! Your father in law is a pretty decent golfer, so would he mind playing in another group?
 Yes, this makes some sense. I'll give it a try.
I've been thinking of doing this, but the results of an experiment Erik asked us to do a while ago did not seem all that conclusive. Maybe there were too many outliers responding to the thread that the data was skewed? http://thesandtrap.com/t/61875/tst-2012-forward-tees-experiment-results-thread EDIT: Just looked at the results again, it seems like they did improve in most cases. In fact, you showed an improvement of about 7 strokes. Still, the CR and slope ratings might...
New Posts  All Forums: