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It's also possible that there is emotional and mental abuse which is retaliated with physical abuse.The are just so many cases like the ones you outlined, It doesn't look like there is one clear and simple answer.
I'm not understanding where this argument is heading. Spousal abuse and child abuse is just that, abuse. When a person can fight back, it seems like it is not an abusive situation. It's more like a mutual combatant one. If a large 260 pound man attacks a 120 pound one, and that 120 pound one can't protect himself that fits my definition of abuse. If two people of approximate skill level and size fight each other that's not abuse. If one of them refuses to fight while the...
Apparently, I didn't have the same experience as the writer of that article. Wow, talk about cultural differences.
Our driver to hybrids and 52/60 are almost exactly the same, but I'm about 1.5 clubs down on all irons. Except I need a 3i for your 5i, 4i down to PW is almost like your 6i to AW.I just played in FL after some rains, and now I know all about plugged shots. All the landings are about a yard from the ball.
Yes, I've been to a couple. They are pretty impressive.I probably should have focused the topic on the part about scratch golfer shaving extremely good ball striking, which separates them from us.
Of course, I putt left handed.
I like all the responses, but one thing that stands out to me are the ball striking ones. Does saying that the scratch do not have nearly the same ability to strike the ball as well as a pro mean that the ball goes straighter? Or that they hit that much farther?
Anyone ever play with a real low single digit player and not been impressed with their ball striking? I've played all different parts of the country and a couple courses in Asia. No shortage of good players, and they all have one common attribute, good ball striking. I asked a low single digit player how long he's been playing, today, and he answered 20 years starting at 8. He was scratch in high school, but is now a 4. If you watch any low handicap scratch to 2 level...
Bummer, I'm out. Just a couple hundred shy.
TPC Tampa: Blue tees 52/47 for a 99. 2 pars, 2 GIR, 34 putts, lost 7 balls. This course was very difficult. Mangrove Bay:white tees, 45/46 for a 91. It rained the day before, so the ground was soaking wet. No roll at all. Played yesterday evening. Florida has some great courses. I will be ready for them next time around.
New Posts  All Forums: