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Ah, but you hinted at it on another thread. I don't remember everyone's stats, but I do build a mental profile of the people whom I communicate most frequently. Kind of like physical or facial features when you meet someone in person.
I'm being anecdotal, but. . . If I miss a fairway, it's a lot harder for me to make a GIR. I hit shorter than you do (IIRC, roughly 30 yards), so if I have 80 yards from the rough it's harder than 100 from the fairway. If you played the courses I played, you might have only 50 yards from the rough or 80 from the fairway. I agree this would not be that different. The extra 30 yards you get off the tee makes it easier to get GIR without fairways.
Most of the hole yardages, that I have played, are 30 yards shorter anyway. Maybe the fault could be some of the courses putting incorrect yardages?
 No one is perfect.
 Of course, and I'm sure you will learn well enough to enjoy some rounds together! Also, see if there are any First Tee programs in your immediate area. It can cost as little as $80 per quarter.
 That's the main loss of strokes on the courses around the desert/inland empire where he plays. It's really tough to keep things playable with so many red and/or red/yellow markers all over the place. That's kind of what I was trying to get at. His outlook is very poor. If he is happy with his occasional good results and takes on the attitude that his "bad" scores are the normal ones, he will find some way to improve them. He needs to look at the bad scores as the normal...
 There are plenty of flaws, and I am not sure you can lump that all into "quality". The basic swing could be good enough and the direction of the ball could be as intended, but the ball striking could be lousy. One could be hitting thin or high on the face or even worse yet, a little on the toe that can cost 10 to 15 yards. More advanced, is that it can also not spin enough on landing or not take the flight path you intended and end up hitting a tree. I agree that an 8 to...
Yes, i see that now. Is this enough? I suppose they could put tiny rakes around the cup to let golfers finishing up make sure no plastic shows?
This the main difference between the two of us. If I score a round in the mid to high 80s, I consider it a minor miracle. It's the exception. When I score in the low 90s, that's more the rule. Or somewhere in between.I also play really hard courses. Sometimes, I play from the tips for the fun of it, and also score in the mid-90s. Yet, I have not had an over 100 round in a long time (4 months, but a long time relative to my short golfing career), even playing a new...
The only worry I have is if the ball bounces off the bottom of the plastic cup from an approach shot or strong chip. They might need a dampening mechanism like artificial turf or something.
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