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 Yeah, I listed my reasonable shot distances and not my real average distances to avoid skewing the data, and the results correlate really well.  For the purposes of this test, you want the normal good shot not average because it is pretty rare to do really bad things with your PW. At least for me it is. For example, I listed my current carry distance as 248 yards, whereas my average distance is only about 225 because I was hitting shots all over the place. My irons didn't...
 It is also possible that the type of irons you are using might help you gain a little distance with those?
Here are a few 6i drill swings from a couple weeks ago. Note that I have raised my arms above parallel with my shoulders as of the last two weeks to make it a little more like the position Mike wanted me in earlier, and mainly to get rid of the pulls you see in the video!   They are about 55-60% my normal course swing. They feel like 25% because of the minimal effort, but they are drill swings.     My contact on the course is not so great with 5i to 3i, but luckily...
Welcome to this site.   I can only say that if you have a current instructor, let him or her work with you on a set of clubs. It will save you a lot of time and money in the long run.
GG only has total distances, and only if you remember to tap. I also noticed that most tee shots are slightly downhill. Trakman and GC2 have carry on flat ground. I trust those more at this point.
 Or teach First Tee kids. . .I actually have met a few CPGA and mini-tour players teaching the kids. I think one of them is a current Champions tour player, I'll need to check on that.
Tee it forward seems to indicate that I should be playing 6200-6400 yards. I think this is pretty accurate.   Driver 100% 3i- 80.6% (estimate) 4i- 76.6% (estimate) 5i- 72.6% (estimate) 6i- 68.5% 7i- 64.5% 8i- 60.5% 9i- 56.4% PW 51.2% 52 degree- 40.3% 60 degree- 36.3%   My irons appear to be stronger than my current driver.   My current bag has:   Adams A70 Putter TM Rac 60 wedge TM Rac 52 wedge Mizuno MP-32 3-P KBS Tour xstiff with old fashioned 1965...
Given the two choices, I chose professional golfer rather than ring up sales at Dick's. What kind of poll is this anyway?
 I was thinking about this a bit. If you hit an ancient blade club and steel shafted driver, it seems like they track better. Some of the GI irons like the BB really go far. The numbers could be really skewed.
  This is exactly the case for me, with a PW distance of 127 yards and a drive carry of roughly 248 yards***. It seems to be the same proportion regardless of my swing speed, for instance, even on days where I only drive 200 yards my PW distance would be 100. These two clubs seem to track each other pretty well. . . BTW, to reach a green 247 yards away at sea level, there is only 1 scenario where it might play as a par 3 for me.Level ground with no obstructions probably...
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