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 Wow, I've been behind the "cart/bag fumbler" before too. It's like waiting for tumbleweed to pass by while sitting on a rocking chair.
You know, with all the good suggestions spread over these hundred pages or so we potentially have enough material for a "What Dan should have planned plan".   I nominate @nevets88 to start that thread.
Wow, you guys might be talking me into looking more seriously at the AP2. Plus, Jason Dufner uses them.
So, the median is higher. . .joking. . . Interesting fact.
 Should we tell you even if he doesn't finish?  You can unsubscribe from this thread, but you can never leave it. . .
Almost cut and pasted this data into the logic code I was synthesizing, because the phone rang at the same time I was blogging and writing code. That would have been an interesting build.    In any case, it is clear that Dan does not swing anywhere near this fast with a swing he can repeat 14 times a day under pressure.
 I always start a new endeavor with instruction of some kind or another, but there is so much information and misinformation in golf that it makes it really hard for a beginner to navigate through it all. I started off with lessons (not ones that would have me improve my swing), but lessons that could get me on a course and fumble the ball from tee to green. So, I didn't do too well for the first 3 years playing golf. When I signed onto this site, I never really knew there...
 http://www.pgatour.com/stats/stat.02401.html Loaded into excel spreadsheet, deleted line 11 (advertising line) average= 113.4935median= 113.49
 For a scratch golfer, maybe. The pros make a living doing this. I'm guessing the median is higher than the 112 average, because 274 yards is their average carry distance.
 I corrected the number to reflect the "average" pga pro, rather than the "bottom end". I have my doubts that Dan has the same talent as these guys in other areas to make up for these "slower" swing speeds. It would be interesting to see why they swing 7mph slower than the average tour player.
New Posts  All Forums: