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 Now that I am injured, I need to swing less "hard". One day I finally decided to pull out a club longer and swung as if I meant to over hit the green with only a slightly less effort than I would normally swing club (probably the same effort just without the tensing of the forehead). Amazingly, I started hitting greens and landing pin high. I discovered this little secret in the last 3 weeks because I hurt my hand. Wished I had come to this realization earlier without the...
 Except, apparently the early warning signs being married to Kim are harder to detect. . .  I hope she doesn't read this, because I live pretty close to her.
Agree with what @saevel25 and @MS256 stated. In any case, in looking at the lofts, it looks like with the same loft you generate the same distances.
 Has almost a Shanghai accent! Pretty good.
 Oh, is that all? 
0600, tee time? Probably can get in a round before they wake up.
Never thought of it this way! But yeah.
  This seems like a pretty critical scene for the plot of the movie (like, the entire reason he did the radio boat). So, why was it deleted?
 Last month, I got a few "You really know how to play that slice" comments from various people with whom I played. On one tee box my slice rolled onto the middle of the fairway. It was unintentional, of course, but the response was "How did you do that?" After slicing out OB into the middle of the street adjacent to the course two/three weeks ago, I decided to go with shorter, and am now using my steel shaft driver again with straight drives. Lost 20+ yard loss in...
Surprisingly, these balls perform pretty well too. My only complaint about these balls is that after three or four holes, they begin to feel a little too hard. Same with the Snake Eyes balls from Golfsmith.The premium golf balls, all the name brands, seem to last at least eight times as long.I pay about .80 for the cheaper ones, and 1.50 for used premium ones (ball mongers, or free if I find them) to $4 brand new. Premium ones seem to last 3 or 4 rounds, before taking on...
New Posts  All Forums: