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He's still doing golf related things even though he's injured. Also possible that I'm being a bit too loose with the word "passionate"?
 Thanks, I was wondering about this, it was something someone mentioned today on the course. I was actually thinking this a bit earlier, it seems like stuff doesn't get/stay ingrained without focused practice. I have a tentative plan to meet Mike early July. I guess his schedule does not mesh with the time I have free in June.
 I'm sure it felt good on the decent shots, but did you at least spend 5 minutes cultivating your anger towards those balls?    On Topic, I spent 5 minutes on my downswing trying to regulate the speed with my hips. Just starting to really get some consist speeds doing these drills.
I think he's passionate about the game, but lacks the ability to get any better as we have seen in his HC history. This is possibly related to "lack of oomp", as his other skills seem to be pretty good.   We should remember that he did make strides very quickly to get to a 3 HC and drifted to about 4-6 where he is now.   That is somewhat impressive.
 Did you get a hole in one on a par 5? In any case, congrats on the birdie on the 7th. . .
5 minutes full swing mirror work. Given today's practice round, I will need to focus on the transition and the downswing a lot more, reducing fat shots, and smoother putting stroke.
Did a full practice round today. Learning to putt better. Having problems keeping my head down. Hit too many fat shots. Scored okay for my handicap.
5 min. Mirror work working on the downswing transition.
 I just looked this up. It looks like an aspiration is a dream and a goal is when it becomes tangible? http://www.davidkirkaldy.com/what-comes-first-goal-or-aspiration/ http://forum.wordreference.com/threads/whats-the-difference-between-goals-and-aspirations.1014948/
 I feel your pain. To be consistently better takes consistent commitment to improve. A more realistic goal might be something like "strike the ball like a single digit player" within a year or two. Perhaps using these "5 minute daily commitments" to improve your swing/game/putting/chipping etc? Setting handicap goals is not really that productive. Once you're on track to try to "get back strokes" because you want to meet your target, is just a painful experience possibly...
New Posts  All Forums: