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Even if you don't have money to burn like Dave, it's still a great deal. You'll be able to play a hundred rounds in a year for roughly $8 per round.
Yes, you can verify this by doing frequency analysis on the club.Graphite shafts are much better, but it's really hard to beat the $18 price for a steel shaft versus $200-$1700 for a graphite shaft. The Proforce shafts are kind of interesting, but still over $80.If the OP liked the feel of steel shafts with an old style club head, the new style club heads should work with steel shafts too.Plus it's hard to beat the jewelry chrome finish on the steel shafts. Tougher too.
      Amazing, really. I only took the micro condensed Aimpoint Express during the Erie outing, and it works extremely well. I'm making some outrageous putts lately and definitely planning on taking the regular Aimpoint sometime this winter or spring. It works.
If you replace the regular shaft with an S300 Steel wood shaft, you should not lose too much distance. The heavier shaft will make up for the stiffer flex. The X100 from a regular will lose you the extra 10 yards you were not expecting. The modern head with a steel shaft appears to be a very forgiving combination. Maybe too forgiving for my own good. . .
I disagree with your personal assessment of your golfing skills. You and Matt are really good, it's not your fault we all played from the blue tees. Btw, that sauce is good on ribs too!Down here in So. Cal. All we have are trigger happy hunter wannabes. What is the best time to bow hunt up there? That is, when there aren't rapid fire guns going off every two minutes scaring off any potential game? I think we have 100 guns to every game animal down here, including rabbits!
You are one of the best players I know, and one of the best playing partners. Hope to hear you getting to scratch this year.
Los Serranos south course white tees 72.5/133 par 74. 91 45/46. Had to tee off twice on the back 9 on two holes. Got par on the hardest 4 holes. Tripled the easiest hole with 4 putts and 3 on.
Steel is straighter and has way less spin. I hit more fairways than with graphite at a cost of only 20 yards.I would recommend only flexing up one notch, I think I over did it a bit.In general, expect shorter distances, but more short grass.
 That's my goal anyway. 8-10 handicap would be really awesome. IMHO, he should have saved up $500,000 just for living/travel expenses and another $500,000 for a club membership at a difficult course for ten years. It probably costs at least a million dollars for someone with talent to become a pro golfer.
I recall you having a set of Cobras that replaced your G25 and now you replaced the Cobras with the G30. Let's see, that's on average 6 months per set?  
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