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Do you have a room for rent?  
 Fall/Winter is "in season", that's why it's getting more expensive. I was told the lowest cost was in the summer.
 Yes you can get it, but this is honestly the first time I heard a request for it.
Getting a whole set of wedges is a relatively expensive purchase, so I would spend some time getting them fit to your needs.
Really cool.
Most people play from short rough, thinking it's fairway. On most courses, there's no difference when we play. This is probably one reason why fairway stats don't mean a lot to us.
 This reminds me a little bit of Al Campanis.
Smoker made pork loin. . .Yumm. . . Check out this Shanghai style pork shoulder:  If I eat either one of these, I'll probably have to hit 1000 balls a day over the weekend.
 I was thinking the same thing.  At least that's what I'm thinking as I'm teeing up my 3rd ball.
 Those are about one club gaps, I don't see that as a "poor" choice? What are the bounces?
New Posts  All Forums: