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motivated by   1) not dying (cancer survivor with pacemaker)   2) better sex   3) better golf
Hueston Woods north of Cincy ain't too shabby!  
I'm a Two, except I will drop if I can't find my tee shot. I will hit provisional if I know I lost it, but I'm not goin back to the tee and holdin everybody up cause I pulled a dumbo
Good thing we didn't trade up for RG III.......     aaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrghhhh. It begins again
My dad would always shoot around 90, rarely below. Old man swing, maybe up to his shoulder on backswing. 150 yards straight like clockwork. Course par 4's averaged 370 or so. Two 150 yard shots, 3 shots from there cause he could pitch and putt a bit.
>> - This advice, of course, suggest bounce for "ideal" neutral conditions. If you have super hard or super soft turf/sand, this will influence bounce choices. >>   This year, my usual two courses they only water greens. Things are so baked out you putt out of sand traps, a butter knife has too much bounce, and there are paramedics at the 150 stakes in case anyone tries to take a real divot.   Thursday I hope to get to the course by the state park with a...
>> Well, by design the divot comes after contact with the ball, so you should not see any real problems except for the fact that the mat won't allow you to take a divot. >>   Yep, and even most of the time now! But I hit off mats twice this year as I returned to the game, and my knuckles and even elbows ached  
If hitting it flush feels better than scoring then why leave the range?
 Only places near here are GGalaxy and Dick's, mats and simulator. How can you legitimately check out wedges not on turf?   What do you look for, feel I guess, but its very hard to take a divot.......without going to the ER.   My TM set has a 45 degree P, so I'm thinking 50 and 56, I might be able to try a friends Titleist SM-4's ifn I drives a bit.
I'd suggest a 100 in the morning and another 100 at night. Do lots of stretching exercises and perhaps some light weightwork geared towards golf. And the rest of the time short game and putting.   3-5 times a week? Should be fine, with guidance so you are working on the right stuff.
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