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Whatever the outer coating is(clear coat?) has cracked from impact with the ball. It's not the metal that has cracked. The black paint on the RBZ 3 wood I had did that. Purely cosmetic, but... Purely assumption on my part with your club but I'd have the manufacturer in on it just in case.
It's awful. But that is the attraction. Glad to see them having fun with it.
If you waggle more than once...
Check out TM's site and see what the features are?
Did not have the R11 nor have I hit one. sorry. From what I see the only difference is two settings of open/closed on the face. And to tell you the truth the R11s set at the extremes of open or closed does funky things to the shaft.
I judge all my settings by how they are on the course, not a monitor. I hit the ball very high and yet have my R11s set on highest loft. Go figure. It works for me.
A towel?
RBZ 3 wood can be pretty hard to hit off the deck if that is a concern. I prefer the R11. Had both. But it depends on what you NEED and only you can answer that when it comes between the choice of a driver or a 3 wood.
Anchored by what? There is no anchoring device just your body. It's not like the thing is strapped(anchored) to you. The thing has been in use for some 40 years? Don't you think it's a bit late to decide the matter now? I think this is dumbest thing. It's all because of one thing.....Tiger isn't winning majors and that is all. Complete agenda bull crap.
New Posts  All Forums: