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MIneral spirits or W-D 40. Be careful with acetone. It dissolves plastic and will dull finishes.
Yep. Pop rivets worked fine attached like the pic.  I used a heat gun and slightly flared the end where the fingers attached. The aluminum one from Wittek golf is similar.
I did make my first one. Instead of wire, I use 1/2" wide stainless sheet metal I cut from a cement trowel. Made three 'fingers' and attached them to pvc similar to 'TheWood'. Worked well also. I use that one at home and keep the aluminum one in the truck. I was always forgetting it when I went to practice.
I was able to hit the 915 last weekend. Titleist had a fitting at our course. I currently have the Taylormade RBZ adjustable version. I was hitting my driver 125 mph ball speed and 200 yards carry. I picked up 10 mph ball speed and 25 yards carry by the end of the fitting   I am sure the fitting had a lot to do with the results as the Taylormade was not fitted but the hits on the 915 were extremely smooth and consistent. Beyond sweet. Very easy club to swing. As another...
Look at Wittekgolf.com. Those guys have everything. I bought one of the tubes I listed below. They are the aluminum ones like you see at the courses. For the average guy these should last a long time. I went one step farther and put a pin through the top to keep the balls from falling out during transport. My course has a practice area and I take my own balls.  #77010 - Balshag Tube #77011 - Replacement Clips.
Look at the Callaway tri ball. I've had the 9x10 for a year now and only a couple of kinks which the company fixed, no charge. Customer service is top notch. Very easy to set up and use. One of the more expensive ones but worth the money. I regularly hit driver into it. I can also recommend the all turf mats. I've had one of the monster tee mats for almost as long and it's still going strong.
+1. I carry a sand bottle on my cart and fill my divots.
  I received the Tour B330-Rx. I've been playing for about a year and usually play the Pro v1 (because I get them for free from a neighbor).   - Durability      The first thing I noticed about the Bridgestone ball was the durability. After several holes there was little sign of scuffing at all. In fact I played two rounds before I tossed it into the practice bucket.   - Feel/sound    Noticeable softer feel and sound, especially off the putter.   - Distance      My...
Sure, I'm in. The weather is still ok here in central Cal.
I took a wiffle golf ball, tied about a 2 ft string to it and suspended it from my hat bill. I also slowed my back swing just a little which eliminated some swaying also. Another trick is to make the string long enough to suspend about 2 inches above the club shaft. If you pull your arms in or chicken wing your stroke, you hit the string.
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