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Update: I played really good the last 2 days and shot a 90 and 93. After all said and done I made the team! Thanks for the advice!
Update: First day started decent, but my putting cost me strokes. Ended up shooting a 99. Should have been around 93 if I didn't have bad putts.
What are some ways to battle nerves? I'm trying out for my highschool golf team and I'm nervous about it. I play good when I'm just playing for fun, but when I'm under pressure I crack. Any tips are appreciated! Thanks!
Of course it's fun to play golf with your friends, but I prefer playing a round by myself. I shoot the best golf of my life when it's just me, myself, and I.
Steel shafts for me give me more stability in my swing. It makes my swing a little slower, but I hit the ball more square.
1. Driver 2. 4 Wood 3. 3 Hybrid 4. 9 iron 5. 7 iron 6. Putter 7. 50* Wedge 8. Sand wedge 9. 6 iron 10. Pitching wedge
It usually takes me a week to get used to new clubs. Just hit buckets of balls and you will get used to them.
Driver: 200-220 3W: 190 Hybrid: 175 4I: 170 5I: 160 6I: 155 7I: 150 8I: 140 9I: 130 PW: 120 SW: 80 LW: 65
#1- Will the clubs fit you or will they be to small? #2- Will they work for me? Will you be buying a set that comes with every club or will you be buying it separately? If its a All-in-one set you should just look to see of the clubs will fit you. If you are buying it separately you should try multiple clubs and see what you hit the best and consistent. Good luck!
You could return the JR set you bought her and get a set that would fit her. You could also just buy another set that's smaller and fits her so she grow into the other clubs.
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