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    You mentioning this reminded me of another thing the golf academy mentioned. They said when addressing the ball to do three things, 1) not to have your weight forward and to check this by placing the shaft against your left arm and ensuring the the club head is on the inside of your leg. 2) to put your right hand on your right knee, (I'm guessing for shoulder placement) and 3. to close your stance a little to the target.   Not sure if those would help eliminate the...
I think EverythingGolf has it right. I think my swing path is generally good. Today I saw a repeat of school of golf today. It was chapter 2: crushing the driver. The second part of the episode they talked about hitting it straight with power. They said to slide the hips forward slightly, dip the right shoulder and to roll the right foot on to the instep. I wish I could find the episode to put it on here cause it was interesting to see and get other people's thoughts on...
Title says it all. My irons I hit great but my woods and driver I consistently slice. I'm pretty sure (99%) it's because I have the clubface open.   Any suggestions, video's to watch, or exercises I can do to eliminate it?
so quick update. grandpa took up to a par 3 and he had a blast. Especially because he was consistently hitting the ball straighter than me and his grandpa. Will still offer when I go out just because it's finally a sport he has shown interest in,  but will still do whatever he wants to do just to spend time with him.   Thanks for the the different types of advice.
The thing that kills me is he has such a pretty swing. He just turned 9 and can consistently hit all his clubs straight and his distance range from 35-40 yds for his wedge to 100-110 for his driver. But I'm a patient man, I've already waited 8 years for him to show interest in a sport, I can wait a while longer.
Thanks for the suggestions guys. Sker, there isn't a problem of getting out and running around playing, just no interest in sports. I'm probably doing exact opposite of pushing him, since my dad really pushed me with football. I'll keep inviting him whenever I guy out and if he wants to come just encourage him when he does come. That is unless somebody else comes up with a genius idea.
First if this is in the wrong place, I apologize and ask kindly for it to be moved to the correct place.   Last season my 8 year old son got interested in golf and wanted to play with me (I just picked it up as well). So we got him a set of clubs and went to the different par 3's around town.   For Christmas his grandma got him some golf lessons and after today's lessons he told me that he didn't like golf and didn't want to play anymore.   Any advice on how...
I would like to propose a follow up question. Can a person figure out an accurate handicap index only playing a par 3 or a 9 hole par 31 executive course?
The article wasn't about rolling your wrists. in the article it said people are keeping the clubface square through impact and swing straight down the line instead of continuing the swing on an arc with the face rotating as through the swing. It continues to say that by keeping the face square you're forcing the clubface to open up. They recommend to let the arms roll over naturally.
two suggestions. Get some video from the caddie few. I would also find something that can play the video in slow motion. I've seen people post links that will show how to do this.   As for what you have recorded, it looks like your tempo is off. your hips are almost done with their motion by time your arms move. I wonder if you're forcing the arms through there leaving your hands open at contact.   Other than that I didn't see much that looked wrong. But this is...
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