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Lost my Taylormade R9 (Non TP) 7 iron. Need one in decent condition. Preferably KBS "S" steel shaft. Will change shaft to aftermarket shaft if needed.   Thank You
OP was looking to ask how Fred Funk made out with his similar wrist surgery. Not heartless comments from the peanut gallery. Been to multiple hand specialists. Having surgery done by an orthopedic sports hand specialist in Boston. Surgery is May 7th. I'll let you know in a few months how it effects my golf game, if at all.
In a few weeks I am having surgery on my left wrist. Ugggggg  My Trapezium bone is hitting my Radius bone AND my Capitate bone is hitting my Lunate bone. This is all caused by Arthritis. The Trapezium bone hurts the worse. I've been dealing with this for the past 3 years and you can see the X-rays show over time it's getting worse.   I've had numerous Cortisone shots that do not last long and tried wearing a brace while playing golf. I've seen multiple orthopedic hand...
A friend gave me his 43" Spider putter because he couldn't putt with it. I cut the grip off then cut the shaft down to 38". I replaced the putter grip with a factory OEM TM grip and changed the weights (2) to 14 grams each.   This has to be the best putter I ever used in my life. It's soooooo easy to putt with two of my golfing buddies did the same thing. I don't know the exact weight of the club, but WOW!!!! the combo works well.
Below I received an E-mail answering my question regarding the Taylormade TP vs. Standard clubs & shafts. This answered my question and I hope it helped other golfers.   Hello, Thank you for your email and for playing Taylormade Golf. This is a way for manufacturers to know the difference between two different styles of shafts. The TP shafts are heavier and stiffer and are made differently to match up with a faster and quicker swing tempo. Golf shaft companies have...
I contacted Taylormade to ask the question why TP Drivers & Fairway Woods have a .335 Tip while Non TP Drivers & Fairway Woods use .350 Tips.   They couldn't answer my question
I've been collecting new Taylormade R7 clubs for the past few years. Yup a strange hobby.   Question:  I've noticed all the TP Drivers & Fairway Woods have a .350 tip. While the standard Drivers & Fairway Woods have a .335 Tip Diameter.   Could some one explain why the TP clubs use a .350 vs. a .335 shaft   Could you also explain what the performance difference would be.   Thanks ahead of time
I just picked up a couple of RAC TP Satin Wedges in very nice condition.   Question:  Looking at the face of the club head in the top left corner there's a small "Z" stamped there. What does the "Z" stand for? I've noticed via searching there's the same wedges with "Y" stamped in the same location.   Does anybody have any information about these wedges? The TM website doesn't explain what the letters are.   Thank You :-)
The fact wasn't the $20 or to get posters to argue. And, it has nothing to do with belonging to a CC or who has money or not. I don't mind paying for the assistants anti fee. I assume he's not rolling in the dough as an assistant pro on a local 9 hole course tucked in a suburbia neighborhood. The same as tipping bag persons when they are getting paid by the hour also.   The issue is it seems expected. The same as tipping a waitress. That is truly your option based on a...
Don't get me wrong. He was a pleasure to play with and a pure gentleman through out the round. It was the game organizer who invited him in to the game so, he was an invited guest from the more I learn about the situation. Wasn't the kids fault. The organizer should have informed me before the round about the protocol. At the time I assumed they couldn't get a 4th for the group so the assistant filled the open slot.   He never uttered a word about my swing during the...
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