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I agree with you for the most part but take that world class marathon runner and start him or her at an early age to be a sprinter and I would almost bet they would be a very talented sprinter and vice versa. Because they were born with something that allowed them to be great. This can all go back to nature vs nurture debate. I believe that most people are born with certain talents and skills that others are not.  That doesn't mean that person will have that best nurture...
Yea I usually play with a 5i. I putt the ball like Happy Gilmore. I got pretty good at the bump and run with the 5i away from the green.
Me and my buddies play this all the time. After we play for real we play hole 1 & 2 again this way. I think this is when we really get serious.  We all grab a club and play. We have done it where you can't switch club even if its a par 3 (it gets tricky). I think its funny because I can par or bogey 1 & 2 most of the time doing this but when I play for real I some time struggle just to make bogey. We call it the Estaban Challenge. We have been trying to come up with...
I grew up around guns my whole life. I hunt, fish and shoot sporting clays. Guns really don't bother me when I know people know how to handle the weapons properly. I have my CCW license. I know if you are caring a gun then I hope you have your CCW license.  I know you have had proper training and you know how to handle a gun properly.  So it would not bother me at all if you had one on you or in your bag. It would just give us something else to talk about.
First let me start by saying Tiger is good for golf and I think we need Tiger being tiger again.  I do think he took something along the lines of PEDs not for strength or trying to bulk up but more in terms for endurance and recovery. I have no proof and we will never find out the truth but that is my 2 cents. 
Hahaha yea I think I will be posting more now. I have been playing a lot more golf so I have something to talk about. Plus I may have gotten a little addicted to golf now.Thanks. Yea I think I will be around little bit more now.
I have been on this site for a long time and never posted anything. There is so much helpful information on here that has help my game out a lot. I have been debating on buying the book and today at work I broke down and bought it. I can not wait for it to come in so I can try to improve my game even more.
New Posts  All Forums: