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I have a buddy who would like to introduce his 5 year old to golf this summer.  He doesn't play a lot of golf so he needs some help teaching the basics.  Are there any courses offering group lessons or clinics in the Philadelphia area that you could recommend for kids?  Or any other recommendations for this scenerio would be welcomed as well.  Thanks in advance for any responses.
  I played Ravsloe last summer for the first time and I would say it was the worst conditioned course I have ever played.  I know the summer was tough on courses last year but it was really bad.  Half of the greens were mud.  It was to bad because the layout was nice.   Has anyone played it this year?  Have they improved the conditions from last year?
I am playing one of the Gull Lake courses in a couple of weeks. Anyone have any opinions about these golf courses?
I went to the TMPL and was recommended to use a 4w instead of a 3w. I love it and agree that it is so much easier to hit.
Thank you for the link. "Promot hip turn" was the wrong thing to say, but all of the pictures show a straight left leg at impact.
I'm not a teacher but have been taking lessons and I have a couple of the same issues as you that I can see from the "down the line" view. One, you are taking the club alittle to the inside. Two, your club, at the top of your back swing, is aiming right of the target, when it should be aiming at, or slightly left of the target. Some of the things I have been working on are taking the club straighter back and as a result, my hands are higher at the top of the backswing. ...
Usage may not have been the sole reason for the sky rocketing price's but was a factor, just not US consumption. It was China's usage that messed up the supply and demand balance that we had gotten used to for so long.
I hope he won't be playing to much center field. On ESPN radio this morning, they said the TV announcers for the Reds were ripping on him for not being able to cover right field.
What do the sox do with jr? Center field and put Swisher on 1st?
I always play for a little money, even if it's only a $5 nasau, so my game goes through it's usually up and downs with money on the line. This is the first year that I have been playing in tournaments and I have found that I concentrate better during one. I have played some of my best golf this year at tournaments.
New Posts  All Forums: