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Sorry for getting a late start in this and some other threads,  but I felt like his comments about the issue on Saturday morning were very unprofessional and really cast him in a very bad light.  It seemed to me (just my opinion), that he allowed his personal feelings to overshadow the technical parts of what actually happened with regard to the ruling of the committee at ANGC, and made it look like this issue was more of a personal issue he has with Tiger, instead of his...
I love golf courses that offer that kind of shot value and variety.  It really causes the players to think their way around the golf course and to play position golf off of the tee, adding lots more value to driving the golf ball to the proper location in the fairway.  
My guess is Phil isn't the only one whose game wouldn't suit this layout so I don't blame any of the bombers for avoiding courses like this one We were still treated to a great finish and a wonderful event at a very challenging golf course.
Agreed.  I really enjoy the tighter, and shorter tracks that show us that every course doesn't need to be stretched to 7500+ to provide challenging conditions and a compelling tournament.  This has proven to be, yet again, a very entertaining event with a climactic finish and playoff.
Seems like the wind really picked up this afternoon and then took its toll on the players.  Thought that Graeme played really well today, save for that last hole.  Nice finish to this great tournament even though the scores were a bit higher and even though a few guys weren't able to withstand those difficult conditions.  Enjoying the playoff as it's always nice to get some 'free' golf, as they say.
I'm rooting for him, but with caution.  I want to see John succeed at getting back on tour on a regular basis, but I hope he's also getting his life in order now and is happy with his life, which I believe is far more important than golf.  Today as far as golf is concerned, he took a huge step backwards. But tomorrow is a new day and hopefully he bounces back with a really low round. 
    I have dvr'd it and have watched bits and pieces of it, and yes, what I've seen so far is excellent. So nice to see these four giants of the game get together and reminisce. True enough this may not happen ever again, though I hope it does. 
My thoughts are that while Titleist has had a reputation for not wanting to pay high dollar endorsement contracts to its players, that in this economy, they would be hard-pressed to find a more visible, and better person to endorse their products than Rory.  So while the rumor sounds good, I think he stays with Titleist for the time being. 
Can't really add anything to what you said, which you did in a very good way, except maybe the tradition angle to all of this. One of the things I love about the game is how it always acknowledges its own history, and as far back as we can remember, the majors have been the gold standard.
I don't see a time when it does, though you never know.  But I suspect the players and even the Commissioner of The PGA Tour, whomever that will be over the next 20-30 years would probably continue to give the same level of importance and respect to the majors that the game always has.  This is really just a format created to get marquee players to play later into the year and to keep fans engaged during football season.  
New Posts  All Forums: