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Try left hand low, instead of full on left handed. I started missing mad amounts of short ones, even INSIDE 2 feet a while back. Tried left hand low.. Short ones go in now. Lag putting has suffered just a bit, but it's a fair trade in my eyes. As long as I get it somewhat close, I know it'll go in if I hit it right. It took probably an hour or 2 of practice to get used to the feel in my house, putting around. So far, results are promising. May not work for you, but it's...
Trevino and Nicklaus' hats were pretty flat billed too, yes? Just throwing that out there.
I posted in this thread way back, and recommended the New Course at Grand Cypress, based on what I saw of it. Now I need the recommendation! I will be in Orlando the week prior to my wedding in late September, and I want to get a couple of rounds in. I want to play the New Course for sure, but we may be staying at the Reunion resort, and I hear that they are really nice courses as well. I guess what I want to know is, if I could only play ONE course out of the 3 at...
I'm a relative beginner, and have tried many balls. My ranking, if price is no option fits quite nicely with the chart, and your reading of it.1) Pro V1x2) Hex Chrome3) Z-Star XVI have not tried the Chrome+, but my swing speed is in the 90s, to MAYBE 100, so I think the regular chrome is probably better. Would definitely try the (+) if I got the chance.I also have not tried the Wilson's, but will when I see some.The 3 balls I mentioned above all fly far enough (cant tell a...
100. 48-52. SO CLOSE I CAN TASTE IT.
Tiger Woods -3 Ernie Els -3
I just don't see the big deal about a head cover in the first place, myself. I mean, you seem extra pissed about this. First world problems for sure. Having said that, good luck on getting a headcover!
If anything, a gap wedge between your PW and lob wedge. Also, a 3 wood and a 4 wood seem redundant together, IMO. Maybe ditch one or the other and replace with a 5W or hybrid. It's all about loft/distance gaps. You want even gaps. Also, you don't NEED anything ;) 13 clubs is plenty for most.
Cool. This is one crazy game, I tells ya!
To clarify, the original 2 club lengths was from the edge if the obstruction, not necessarily the nearest point of (in this case, stance) relief from the obstruction.
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