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Thank you guys for the answers! Here's an interesting question to follow up. If I dropped within 2 club lengths, but accidentally met the requirements for a proper drop (meaning, I dropped the ball, unknowingly, within the 1 clublength of the nearest point providing complete relief) is it still a proper drop? In short, if its dropped in a legal spot, does it matter if I knew it was legal or not? Once again, thanks! Interesting!!
All, Today I hit a tee shot into what I believe was an underground irrigation or drainage pipe of some type. I'll try to describe it as clearly as I can. A metal grate which normally covers the access to this pipe was halfway off the hole in the ground. After a long search, we actually decided to check this pipe, and the ball was in the pipe, 18" underground! I retrieved the ball, took a drop within two club lengths, and finished the hole with a 6, with no penalty...
105. 51-54. This is my best round yet! I've been getting lots better recently. Scores finally going down. This was a strange round, too! I had 1 Par, 3 9's and the rest bogies, doubles and triples. Only 1 3-putt. ZERO GIR, 1 Fairway. It's concerning to me that I didn't hit any greens, and only 1 fairway. But also encouraging that I had so many bogies and still shot my best score. It definitely didn't FEEL like my best round. But I did have a good stretch of 5 straight...
It is the best place to start, IMO. Welcome!
Can't argue with that. But if it was pennies to me, I'd probably do it anyhow! Haha
If I was a multimillionaire pro, I'd have my own new batch of ProV1x's brought to hit at each range session. Donate them to the First Tee or another kids program after.
Depends where you play. Probably not. I've only ever HAD to book tee times on weekends. Weekdays, regular time, but especially twilight, should be empty.
You stopped before you got to Weight Forward. If you get the weight forward properly, the bottom of the arc will be after the ball, like its supposed to be. That's the idea, right?
Tiger, Els, Mcilroy just moved up a spot without hitting a shot! Haha. T13. Even par today from those guys would likely get them close to or into the top 5, for Sunday, I'd bet.
True, RE: Nerves. Everybody still feels them. But the best are able to manage them effectively most of the time. Tiger may be superhuman, but the word human is still in there. A great tournament so far!
New Posts  All Forums: