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Sure. But if one of the guys a few shots back keeps it in the fairway, and catches a few breaks, someone could put up a 67 or something. Not everybody. Probably only one person. But these guys are all pretty awesome.
Certainly Els, Mcilroy, and lots of stars to watch. But most eyes are on Tiger.
It's not ALL about Tiger. Absolutely true that any of the players at +3, or better, or even worse, are still in it. But Tiger's 14 majors make it about Tiger IMO.
He must really want that US Open!!
Not saying he'll win. There's a lot of tough golf left. But the field is sliding back steadily toward Tiger. He's T16 at the moment. Was T 50 something this morn...
Not that this is precisely relevant, but this is wildly inaccurate.There has only ever been ONE bowler who has averaged over 260 in ten-pin bowling during a league season. Jeff Carter -261.74 in I think 2007 or 2008.This guy is a PBA pro who did this in a local league on easy house conditions one year. A great player, and also an anomaly.Having a low single digit cap in golf is more like holding a bowling average in the mid- 220's / low 230's.Less than 1% of players are at...
Straw hat! Used to be a cap.
Play the G15's a couple more years, then when PING comes out with the G30's and G35's, you'll be able to get them new, on clearance for 400 bucks. Having a set of irons you play well is a quandary that many people would like to have! Good luck with your decision!
Driver: PING G15 Used, $110 5 Wood: $25 Irons: PING G15 New, $430 Wedges: Vokey, 52* and 56* Used, 40 each Putter: $25 The putter and 5 Wood are from a 14 club starter set that cost about 200 bucks new, so I made a rough estimate there. Total, $670-700 if you count the bag, which is also from the starter set. I have 12 clubs as it stands, I'll be replacing the 5 Wood and putter eventually. - I made a deal with myself: No new clubs till I break 100 twice- My plan is to...
46 out, 62 in. 108. Best round ever! Birdie-Par start. I'm getting there!
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