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Muy interesante! I thought this article would be a Tiger hating cheap shot. Hardly the case. Good research. True also, that the major count is the big one, as mentioned. Even moreso now, in my mind!
Um, most courses I play have signs that say the golfer is responsible, and that the course is NOT responsible. Could be meaningless, BS signs in the eyes of the law, I don't know. I'm no lawyer or insurance man. But I can verify that is the policy that is posted where I often play.
My buddies and I have one as well. There are lots of ducks here in FL year round. On all the courses I play. Any given round, you will definitely see some. Well, I was set to tee off on a par 4, and there's several ducks at the forward end of the tee box. My buddy knows I'm wild off the tee, and says 'Look out for those ducks'. I say 'They're FINE!' WHIZ one low and left past a duck!!!! 'LOOK OUT DUCK!!!' -We said it almost in unison. Now any shot that approaches a...
True enough. Also beside the point. What Tiger has done, and is still doing, is a world away from any of those players, due to his staggering success rate, even compared to them.I certainly am not boo hooing for anybody in the top 125 on the PGA Tour or in the OWGR. They're all making it, and most should be very comfortable.But Tiger's ability and record tower above the rest.
Tiger Woods -4 Matt Kuchar -2 Boo Weekley -3
And Kuchar and Schwartzel and Weekley, among others, are peaking at the moment, looking good.
Additionally, on the point of cheapening Tiger's winning by claiming that he only, (or primarily) plays and wins events that suit him.. What pro wouldn't do that if they could, and get similar results? They all would!!! He's the only one who can. That's the difference. Sure, his win % would be lower if he played more.. But he's still the greatest player that any of us born after 1975 have seen, or will ever see. Beyond any doubt whatsoever. That said, I give him a...
Agree. I'm playing the best golf I've played since focusing on swinging smooth and keeping my left wrist flat via a straight left arm takeaway. A lesson is in order very soon to keep progressing. But uncluttering the mind has helped me.
Driver - 225 Average, 250-260 on a good one. 5 Wood - 220 4I - 205 5I - 195 6I - 185 7I - 170 8I - 160 9I - 150 PW - 140 GW - 120 SW - 100
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