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150 Yd. Par 3, 9I to 3 feet. Made the birdie. My first!
I doubt it will happen. No sport that I know of pays homage to the past (for better or worse) than golf. It's one of the things that most all players of the game love about it. The fact that modern day ams can play on the same courses as the greatest to ever play, is one example of this. I can see the FedEx cup gaining more prestige, sure. And 10 million bucks is no chump change, even to all but maybe Tiger. But the majors will stay the majors, and they will maintain a...
Wow. ^^^ That is not just a reasoned response, but also beautifully written. Especially the last couple paragraphs. Thanks! And good luck to the OP, and to all of us who love this crazy game!
Got to bump this because... Got my first one today!! ⛳ Been playing seriously for about 10 months now. #9 at Country Club of Miami, 150 Yd. Par 3. My partner hit first, and hit one right at the pin. His ball rolled up, tracking straight for the pin and dropped! I said " That mighta went in! You ever had an ace before?" He said he hadn't, but said who knows if it went in? I hit a 9I up there and stick the green. I'm pretty close, but.. I barely paid attention to...
112. 51 out, 61 in. My 2nd best round ever. Had my first ever birdie, too! 150 yd Par 3. Stuck it to 3 feet with a 9I, then acted like I'd been there before and put down the putt. Felt great!
Some good points for sure. I've seen some pro tourneys in person, and they definitely hit the ball VERY high when they want to. Most especially with the long clubs and driver, relative to us ams. But what is killing me is that the one shot I see in my mind most clearly from today was WAY up there. I hit it high with my SGI irons, and this was higher than normal for sure. EASILY 5 seconds or more of hang time (from the first cut of rough, true) and it looked to come...
You know, at least a couple of them were downwind! I think that may have been one factor that I didn't consider. I considered the wind with regard to distance overall.. But not to include roll with irons/wedges. And I was playing to the flag, mostly! Learning! Thanks to both of you for the input!
Very possible. I do pick the ball a lot. Rarely leave a divot. So I do hit thin shots often. Also, greens were mostly flat, yes. But a few of these shots were REAL high. To the point that I was literally shocked that 2 of them rolled off. Could just be 'golf', in the end, eh? I may have simply been unlucky this first time hitting lots of greens.. I'll just keep trying to hit greens. Eventually, it'll pay off! :)
Definitely faster and firmer than I am used to. I'm used to furry shag carpet greens with sand, however. My honest assessment, based on comparing the greens I usually play, (goat track shag carpet) to those at Doral, which I played a month or two ago... These are fair, even, medium quick greens. Probably what most courses should aspire to.
158 yd Par 3, wind coming at me, and from right to left, water on the left. I aim right, hit it solid to the right, and watch it draw back toward the pin just like I envisioned. Lost sight of it as it landed, so of course I'm excited/confused as I drive up! It was RIGHT in line with the hole but about 7 feet short. I made par.
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