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Hello all. I had a pretty good round by my standards today. A couple things frustrated me, but mostly were my fault. One frustration that I would like some insight on is: How can I hold more greens once I hit them? Here's the deal. I'm a high handicapper. Real high for now. And I play low spin balls to keep straight off the tee and with irons. I never usually hit many greens on approaches from beyond wedge distance, but today I hit SEVERAL. The ball rolled off all of...
Well, I just shot my second best score ever by myself today. 116 is no great shakes for most. BUT I think being able to get into a rhythm was helpful for me. There were maybe 2 spots on the course that I waited at all, and even then, they were short waits. Also, nobody running up behind me.
116. 66 out, 50 in. The 50 wast best 9 ever! Only one double digit hole.. Lots of shots let out there. 3 putts, etc. Overall, very happy! 2nd best round ever!
Haha ok fair enough. Sorry I don't know what the rules say. 😃
No idea. Very interested to know both answers though. And what a jerk that clown you were playing with seems to be!
125. 65 out. 60 in. Started 7, 10, 12, 9. Ended with a 9. All other holes 7 or less. All single digits on the back 9. Getting there!
Tee shot on a short par 4 I SMASH a drive... Into the red tee marker for the ladies tee on the left side! Knocked the marker out of the ground, the ball flew to within a foot of the green. The green behind me, that is. I just reloaded and left that ball. Too embarrassing to retrieve, as the guys behind us were putting out. Crazy! 😃
120. 67 out, 53 in. Back 9 was much better, obviously! Only one double digit score on a hole, and it was on the front. Too many 3 putts!!
When you say 'Toe', are you meaning 'Crown'? I ask because toe hits shouldn't come close to causing this. But if you are popping these shots up due to hitting the crown itself... All that damage is apparently the penalty.
There we go!! Thanks for any looks/comments!
New Posts  All Forums: