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Congrats @Lihu Guys like you make this site what it is as far as I'm concerned. Mostly because half the posts are yours Chat soon.
One question it did answer pretty loud and clear - if he doesn't make it, it's because of the injury. At least that's the message I got from listening to that.
Thanks for posting up. Interesting there's a few answers on there that, for whatever reason, aren't on his site ie What's wrong with his back and is he doing short game to fill the time. Not really sure why he's not put anything about them on his site.
Interesting day walking the fairway with Brian during a tournament. It's day 2 of a 4 day tournament but he's leading the field of 170 odd pros having shot 7 under today. Could so easily have been more, he had 3 other putts that finished within an inch or two of the hole. It's hardly Your average 'muni' or country club set up either, this is the shot into one of the par 5s, I'm standing on the end of the fairway, only the brave are going for this in 2: Not really...
 No problem :-)  That's not a bad idea and will certainly be in my 'progression'. This year was just about getting out there into a few matches to get a feel for it, next year I'll be looking at taking local competitions a bit more seriously but most of those are single rounds with only the odd two round competition thrown in. All being well year 3 and year 4 would see me going a little further a field and this is likely when I'd be looking at tournaments involving several...
Right, I've finished the assessment so am in a slightly better position to answer this question. As I said before, the assessment is really broken into 2 main parts - launch monitor performance to assess my current long game potential and on course performance. Added to this there's a very much subjective assessment of how I think my fitness programme is going. These are represented by the 3 columns on the chart in the top right corner of the spreadsheet which Randy made...
I just realised in all of that I didn't answer what adjustments I'm making based on the assessment once it's complete and the reasons behind them. Will finish up the last rounds at which point I'll be planning the outline programme for the next phase and get back to you
Thanks. I'm almost through the assessment, just 2 more on course rounds to shoot, but can answer your question now and show you where I am.Essentially the assessment is only part of the equation when it comes to focusing the programme, the other part is comparing myself with players at or above the level I'm aiming at. Taking driving as a quick example, this guy competed successfully at the level I'm realistically aiming at (Europro) before moving to one level up from...
Was obviously just kidding Hope you get a response but looking back over previous blogs people rarely do.
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