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Goes quick enough as she is, thanks. And yep, I'm not complaining :)
 As you asked, no, not a BMW. As I said, a VERY tolerant wife :) 
Personal preference I guess, Erik. I use a launch monitor for at least a couple of hours a day and I far prefer pretty much everything about the GC2 to either a Flightscope or Trackman. Our R&A recently tried both radar systems and decided to use a GC2 instead. I tested Doppler radars for the military (far more sophisticated ones than we are talking about here) so have a little idea about the limitations of the systems. Knowing that I went for a GC2.
Thanks guys, I am pretty pleased with it. No idea how I got it past 'the boss' :)
 I was just fed up in the last 2 winters losing practice time so I built a garage to beat the 'winter depression' that this thread is about. Plan to really work on my swing over the winter but with a GC2 you can work on you wedge yardages pretty well and I've got a few courses to play for fun. I had the golf sim in mind so I made sure I had more than enough height to fit it in. I'm 6'1'' but it's plenty high enough downstairs:  Blends in pretty well:  Put in a mat in my...
Doh! My mistake :) That makes the numbers even more 'squirly' as he'd need to have the shaft leaning back but the club face moving down. Now that would be tricky to do. My launch monitor just has ball data (at the moment).The point of the optimiser is the number not given on the OP's picture is spin and the only way to get a ball to fly that far given the other ball launch numbers is not to have any. If we're talking 10 degree down through impact with a wedge I'm guessing...
Yep, I agree Erik, it doesn't add up. I was just looking at a 56 degree wedge with an angle of attack of almost minus 10 degrees (which I'm guessing is 10 degrees upwards), giving a dynamic loft indicating a backwards shaft lean but a reasonable smash factor and then no spin....... All in all the numbers don't make sense.I guess I was just looking at HOW the kit could get it wrong and given that the only way to get the ball to go that far given that ball speed and that...
Thanks. You need a 'plan B' over here in the UK in case the weather gets ridiculous to play :)
Thanks. The Net Return Simulator Series enclosure is perfect with the GC2 - both are very portable. The 'turf' I used below the mat is actually 1 meter squares of astroturf that lock together designed for portable indoor soccer pitches, so the whole setup can be broken down and stacked in the corner in no time if I want to reclaim my garage to work on my car. All works really well :)
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