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ive always thought if i can hit my 8 iron atleast 150, i am doing pretty good...
While I won't do any of this till march.. I plan on shortening my irons, and re gripping them.... And will probably shorten my driver shafts too
Lol, I've seen guys like that before... and then I've seen guys who , you'd think are hacks and the just kill the ball ....and you walk away going wtf I would of never thought that guy could strike the ball so well
I like a good triple madura... just saying
What would I give to hit the ball 40 yards farther??  on each club??     I would almost sell my soul to the devil.....    I'd be hitting my 3 wood about 270 on a regular basis... if not farther...   I'd be hitting my 9 iron about 160+       but it's true in the game of golf,,, would you rather hit it 275 straight and be on the fairway 90% of the time, or hit the ball 310+  and be on the fairway 75% of the time, but on the times you miss the fairway, you are right...
Ok my question would be lol..... is it straighter than previous ProV1s? ?? I've played everything from solos to ProV1s and while I wish I could hit a solo or NXT or u/3 off the tee and then goto a ProV1 or x1 on my irons .... usually my drives with a ProV1 hinders my ability to play them all the time... I was surprised at how much more spin you got from the newer ball... was this consistent on every wedge shot??
I've got zero...but I've had a few chances mainly on par 5s that I've gotten on the green in 2... Two that I can remember fondly, one was a part 3... about 170 yards and I smoke my tee shot and it's sky hi too....it lands right in line with the flag stick and is close too...we get to the green and my ball is about 6 inches from the hole.... The other was a par 5...dogleg to the left.... i hit my tee shot straight and it goes into the trees at the bend to bounce around...
I'd love to know which ball this is for the up coming season, especially if it spins back alot better
No, they are not.... learn to play with the low end stuff before you make the jump... when you learn to strike the ball well enough, even the low end balls with stop on the greens... and learn to play with some roll out ...
I usually switch back n forth between NXT / NXT s, and u/3's.... i do tend to find myself going back to the u/3 after a couple of holes... i do feel as though for the price the u/3s perform better and are a better buy for the price... jmo, I think the u/3s is a good in between, where the ball isn't a rock, but isn't going to be a spin monster like a ProV1... so you still get plenty of distance and a bit of spin too..
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