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Actually, that sounds like great advice. You hit the nail on the head about the "Dad Lense"... :) Thank you!
Hi guys - I'm gonna be teaching my son to golf (he's 14) and I'm wondering if there's a particular method for NOT learning the slice. It seems EVERY beginner (especially me when I learned) slices the snot out of the ball. Is there a way to teach someone from the start, so they DON'T slice it? It'd be a lot easier, I think, than trying to fix it after the fact. Yes, I know "Tell him not to come across outside to inside..." Easier said than done. What methods or...
Total liar. Just an outrageous claim. Simply not believable.
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Oh most definitely two shots. A nice 125-yard shot in would be perfect. Even needing a birdie (assuming it's a par-5), it'd be the right decision for me. The odds are greater that I can birdie it like than, they they are of me hitting a 240-yard draw over a creek. :(
Well, here's the thing: If you (or anyone for that matter) could figure out WHY they hit a bad shot and just "fix" it, people would be shooting 54 all the time. It's just not gonna happen. Golf is all about making less bad shots than good ones, nothing more. Even Tiger & Jack have said they only hit 5 or 6 shots like they planned any given round. Learn to LESSEN your bad shots (You'll NEVER eliminate them) and plan/play so that bad shots aren't TERRIBLE shots. A bad...
I've never understood people that argued against it. I've read books by Jack, Tiger, and Arnold and EVERY one of them said to always use a Tee off the teebox. And well, that's good enough for me.
Sweet! Great story!
In High School, first tee, the club slips out of the guy's hand and flies straight up 40' into a tree. And stays. We still laugh about that.
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