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I'm interested in trying them next time out. I purchased a dozen in a raffle for disabled veterans, we'll see. I usually don't pay $40 a dozen given I'm cheap, but the raffle was for a good cause, (given I am a disabled vet too). I'll let you know my thoughts once I play them.
I have a Cleveland driver, Cobra 3 wood, TaylorMade 5 wood, Callaway 4 hybrid and Cobra 5 hybrid, can Callaway irons. My wedges are Fourteens but I use the Callaway sandwedge. I would call that a mixed bag and I hit all of my clubs very well. Its not the arrow....
Driver; 3W, 5W, 22* Hybrid; 25* Hybrid; 6 Iron through PW; 52*, 55*, 58* wedges.
Two years ago I had my third back surgery, I took it easy last year but now I'm back into playing often (with the doctors permission). My issue is that I have lost a lot of distance with my driver and developed a slice (not a push). I hit my 3 wood farther then my driver now! I believe I am no longer able to turn though on my swing and the longer club has become a problem.   I picked up a TM Mini Driver and it works well, better than my driver, but still no distance. I...
I too use the TM Mini-Driver off the tee, but not on the fairway off the deck. I went with the mini because I too am sometimes driver challenged. I've had three back surgeries so getting the turn in my swing is difficult for me. The mini works well.
I would stay away from pre-owned on ebay, just my opinion. Golfsmith always has trade-ins and last years model on sale. Check out the Cobras, I've had good luck with them.
Maybe your buddies will let you use their driver? Otherwise use your three wood, I use mine on most holes anyway, more exact with it.
I've hit these clubs but decided on the Callaway XR irons, traded in my Ping G15s. Love the XR but they are a little pricey.
Cleveland Classic Black, give it a try
I have new clubs and have had back surgery so my goals are simple; make good shot, GIR, and scores in the high 80s / low 90, or better.
New Posts  All Forums: