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When you purchased your Pings didn't they do a club fitting?? When I purchased my Pings, and even my new Callaway XRs, they had me hit on a strike board to gauge the lie angle. They can bend it up or down to so it impact flat.   To answer you question, at address the tow can be a "little" up in the air, the real question is what is the lie when you are swinging the club, it should impact the ground (or a strike board) flat.
I just spent two minutes one Ebay: New 2014 Taylormade Rocketbladez HL Irons 4-AW Senior Graphite Iron Set Bladez M $339.99 List price: $499.99 Buy It Now Free shipping   You can look for regular shafts vs the Senior listed here, but there are so many great deals there
You want a good set of cavity backed iron given your handicap. You can get a really nice set of irons on Ebay. Stick with the name brands and you can't go wrong. Go to a golf store, try the different irons then look on Ebay, you'll save a bundle.
I have hit a Cobra S3 3W for many years so I decided to look for an S3 driver. On Ebay I found a brand new one for $89.00 from a Pro Shop in CA. Now, the S3 is a pre Amp Cell driver but I hit the hell out it. You don't need a brand new driver to find what you want. $400 for a driver is ridiculous IMHO. Look around there are great deals out there. Try Ebay but be careful.
I've purchased many new drivers over the years. Hit them good on launch monitors but always disappointed at the range and on the course after fitting and purchase (I'm been fighting a fade my whole life). I had purchased many years ago a Cobra S3 Max 3W which I still use because I hit the hell out of it. So I figured if I hit the 3W that well, maybe the S3 Max driver would work as well. So I went on Ebay and found a new S3 Max driver at a Pro Shop in CA for $89.00,...
When they came out I purchased a set of Callaway XRs irons and included the AW and SW, I really like them. But I have a Fourteen 58* lob wedge which I use and I like that club as well. I use the XR AW and SW because the gaps between the clubs is uniform. I have no trouble with either club (the AW or the SW). The SW has a 55* loft so the Fourteen 58* LW is close to the ~4* gap between clubs I want. Bottom line, I guess it is what fits your game.
I usually have trouble breaking 100 (I only get out to play nine once a week and maybe eighteen on a occasion weekend). One day I shot 45 on the front nine and 48 on the back nine. Don't ask me why but that day I played really well and it felt good. Now to duplicate it; one day....
I played them for many years before upgrading to the Callaway XR irons. I still have friends who use the G15 irons. I agree the look takes a little getting use to but they are a good club for those needing ease of launch.
I have been playing Cobra hybrids and woods for a long time. I have the 3W and 7W Cobra S3 Max and hit them really well but I never had the S3 Max driver. (God knows I have been through so many other drivers with minimal success). So I went on Ebay and found an S3 Max for $89. I hit the hell out of it, nice and straight. The S3 Max is probably four years old, predated the FlyZ, Bio Cell and the Amp Cells. Just goes to show that you don't need to purchase the "latest"...
Definitely go with the hybrids
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