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I'm 63 and in the same boat you are, lost a lot of distance due to three back surgeries and age. I'm only hitting a 7 irons about 130 to 135 yards these days (on average). I'm upgrading my Ping G15s to the new Ping G30s. I'm a Ping guy, like the look of them without the ferrell. I also like the matt finish, not everyone's cup of tea but I like them. I was fitted the other night and I'm still a blue dot but I went to a senior shaft, 1/2" shorter and was hitting the 7...
I expect good things, I'm going from the G15s to the G30s. Hit them at Goldsmith and loved the way they feel. Now I just have to wait for this winter to come to an end.
Very nice, wish I had one.
I'm just saying I play in a league and see plenty of guys who hit long drives but suck around the green. Good wedges tailored for their swing, and lessons would certainly help them. But yes I agree,  hitting long and straight is most important.
If you stand 6'3" you should definitely be fitted, you probably need a little extra length in the shaft but that all depends..... I play Pings and the fitting and sizing of clubs does not cost you anymore then the "standard" black dot sold off the rack.
This last summer I spent 2 hours with a Pro on nothing more than chipping, I suggest you do the same, your wedges are fine. BTW, it was the best money spent in getting my score lower. Everyone is into hitting long, which is OK, but within 75 yards of the hole is where is counts. If you are having trouble with your wedges a good Pro can grind them for you or adjust the lie, loft and grip. Based on my swing I had all my wedges adjusted. My Fourteen 58* needed the heal ground...
I use Cobra hybrids and like them a lot, they are adjustable as well. Weird because I use Ping irons, TaylorMade 3 and 5 woods, and a Cleveland driver. I guess as they say, whatever fits your game and feels right.
I have the Cobra Baffler T-Rail and I wanted another hybrid, I brought the Cobra AMP Cell hybrid and love it. I hit it as well as my Baffler T-Rail, really can't tell the difference. I would just question your wanting all these hybrids so close together, a 3, 4 and 5. I would forget the 4 and just buy the 5H. Unless you are that good I don't think you will know the difference between the 3 and 4. Just my opinion.
I really like the M9 in 303 stainless but all look like a work of art. Now I have to figure out how to get fitted.
Good luck with the new club. I hit the R1 and the AMP Cell (along with about every other club in the store) and went with the AMP Cell. Very happy with my choice but the R1 was right up there. I'm sure I would have been happy with the R1 as well.
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