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Cleveland Classic Black, give it a try
I have new clubs and have had back surgery so my goals are simple; make good shot, GIR, and scores in the high 80s / low 90, or better.
I have the Jetspeed driver, 3 and 5W and like them a lot. If you go for a Jetspeed driver, get a higher loft than normal, it is recommended for that club.
Simple Green cut 50% with water in a spray bottle. Spray it on, use a stiff nylon bristle brush rinse again with the Simple Green and you're all set. I usually wax my hybrids, Fairway Woods and Driver with car wax to protect them (every once in a while). 
YouTube - Mark Crossfield "Shaft Flex Makes No Difference or Does It?
I was just going with a real world analysis done by Mark Crossfield on YouTube showing that stiff versus regular shaft really did not make that much of a difference. Now if you start getting into Kick Points, etc. well I guess the replacement shaft maybe different, I suggest you look at Mark Crossfield's review on YouTube.
I would talk to Cleveland first, is the club new? BTW, I have not found much difference between stock regular and stiff shafts (although a lot of people will disagree with me). It is more about the Indian not the arrow.
While a lot of us, myself included, are considered "club ho's," meaning our garage is full of new, slightly used clubs of all makes and types, i.e., drivers, hybrids, irons, wedges etc. What we seem to forget is "it is not the arrow it is the Indian," meaning your clubs are fine, it is your swing that needs work. As a beginner, when you go for lessons your Pro will look at your clubs and let you know if there is anything "major" wrong with them, but I doubt it. IMHO as a...
Lord, there are tons of clubs out there to try. My friend has a K15 and really likes it. If your budget is limited, try drivers that are a year or two old. There are great deals out there now that new models are coming out. If budget is not a problem try the Ping G30s, Cobra FlyZ, SLDRs, etc., etc. If you are taking lessons ask your pro what he or she would recommend. Good luck, and enjoy the search that is half the fun of buying new clubs
Regards your questions, first let me tell you that I'm 63 and have had three back surgeries, the latest last year, so my swing speed is slower than most (I believe). I hit a 7 iron about ~140 yards with my old Ping G15s. On the launch monitor I'm hitting the XR 7 iron ~140 to 145, consistently and straight. Consistency and straight  is what I was looking for, for me distance is a nice to have.   In any case, the shafts are Callaway's Project X 5.5 Regular flex. I tried...
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